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Pretty Piggies

First a bit of background.

When the wee girlie was a week and a day shy of her first birthday I gave her a pedicure – her first pedicure.  Her perfect little pink toes with the prettiest metallic pink polish (my favorite polish).  I then did mine to match.  Our matching “piggies” just begged to be captured, so I happily obliged.  What resulted is one of my favorite photographs of my daughter and I…  and all that’s in it is our toes.

Today, Lily-Ann asked to do her own toenails – for the first time.  She picked the polish, and covered her freshly bathed piggies in cotton candy pink.  She then proceeded to marinate my toes in a metallic blue.  Again…  our piggies begged to be captured.  THAT is today’s photograph.

The original "piggie" photograph from July 12th 2008.

The Original, July 12/08 - Nikon D70

Piggies in a row, today.

Pretty Piggies in a Row, Jan 6/10 - Nikon D70

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