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This old suit…

I’m all about ecological design…  in all it’s various sundry forms.  This particular shot happens to be of my bag (a laptop bag I’m using as a purse).  It’s a Rumah Kampung bag, the ABBY flatpack.  The designer takes old mens suits and repurposes them into gorgeous bags and purses.  Really beautiful work.  I’ll be highlighting them in an upcoming piece at Pure Greenius (http://www.puregreenius.ca/) so I suppose this is a bit of a sneak peek.  LOVE my bag!

upcycled mens suit becomes fashionable bag

this old suit

You can get your own upcycled eco suit bag at http://RumahKampung.etsy.com/


I’ve added a new feature to 365 Photos…  ratings!

Hope you’ll head back through to the day’s photos you most enjoyed to give them four or five stars.  🙂

While this may be looked upon as a vanity thing, it’s really not.  I’ve got a new project bumping around in my brain, and this will hopefully give me some insight.

Thanks everyone.  I really do appreciate it.

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