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Big Girl’s Brunch

Today Lily-Ann and I did something new.  We decided to have a “Big Girl’s Day”.  We went out for brunch, then hung out around town…  just the wee girlie and her mommy (that’d be me).  It was great!  And the wee girlie felt sooo special, which made me feel super awesome too.  😀

waiting for our pancakes

Big Girl's Brunch

And here’s a link to a brief video of Lily-Ann eating (and wiggling with glee)…!/video/video.php?v=340016062352

Kiss of Frost…

Playing outside in the snow…  the wee girlie with a kiss of frost.  🙂

Lily-Ann has been kissed by an ice fairy.  Bits of snow on her lashes and cheek.

A kiss of frost, from an ice faery of course.


Starting to think that the trees in our front yard may end up becoming a series.  Here’s one that shows off the delicate bit of snow we had today, as well as what had accumulated earlier.

evergreen tree in the snow


Grampa’s Birthday!

So here’s yesterdays picture.  Grandpa with his birthday cake.

We love you Grampa!!!

Grandpa and his birthday cake

Grampa's Birthday

In his late 70’s, Grampa is as dashing as ever.  Must be those good Norwegian genes!  😉

I’m being bad…

Okay, I’m being bad.

I’m not posting a picture tonight.  I took lots, and will start transferring them from my camera after I post this.  But I’m exhausted.  We celebrated my Grampa’s birthday today.  😀  I love my Grampa dearly, and adore getting together with family.  So it was a very good day.  But now?  Now I’m tired.  So will share today’s picture with you tomorrow.  Hope ya’ll don’t hate me for breaking my photo-a-day rule…  I’m just too darn tired.  I do promise to post two tomorrow.  One that I took today, and one that I’ll take tomorrow.

See you then.  🙂

Slumbering Giant

I’m so relieved that it is warming up enough here that I can get back to photographing what I love…  LIFE!

Here is one of the beautiful old trees in our front yard.  Magnificent!  So strong, yet so fragile.

I love trees.  They thrill me to no end.  I look at them, enthralled, and know that deity is not some imagined illusion.  It is ever-present:  constant, but not unchanging… like the seasons.

Everything is connected.

Some may think I’m a little nutty… and that’s okay.  🙂  Belief can make fools of us all, but it also can make us better than we could ever be without it.

So with that?  Here’s one of my trees.  Mine in the sense that I love it, and that it resides in our yard…

beautiful old tree, slumbering through the winter

Slumbering Giant


All around us exists a world of magick…  and for a small moment I captured it all in my daughters eyes.

To a two and a half year old, everything is new, everything full of wonder.  But perhaps more than any other force of nature, freshly falling snow grabs the imagination in an immensely powerful way.  Having the wee girlie in my life has reopened the doors to the spectacle of sensation.  I’ve always believed in the power that can be found all around us.  The miraculous, yet completely tangible, world we live in.  But seeing all these things through a little girls eyes only gives rebirth to the sense of awe and wonderment.  The truth of being immersed in a perfect moment.

a little girl, full of awe and wonderment over the falling snow

Pure Magick!

Now…  I do regret that she’s standing in front of a garbage pail, but what’s a mom to do.  A perfect moment filled with magick happens where it happens.  Not much I could do about it.  😉

Quilt Making

For me, any creative endeavor is a stress release.  It’s always been that way.  And lately, I’ve really needed a release.

Had four paragraphs written here…  LOL  But you don’t REALLY need to know all the boring details, so I deleted them.

I’m busy.  I’m tired.  I need some ME time.  End of story.

So today I baked, I did laundry (which I actually don’t mind doing…  it can be a rather Zen activity), and I worked on a quilt.

I forgot about all the things that really NEED my attention, and just did things for me and for Lily-Ann.  The rest will all still be there tomorrow.  I may be a little more stressed for not having done the work that I likely SHOULD have been doing…  but I needed, more than anything, to do a little something for me and the wee girlie.  So that’s what I did.

my old Singer sewing machine, a few pins in a tomato pin cushion, a pair of scissors, and a piece of the quilt I'm working on.

Quilt Making

Heart Shaped Balloon

One of the gifts we gave the wee girlie for Valentines Day was a heart shaped balloon (okay, it was two heart shaped balloons).  She had borrowed a book from the library the week before that was all about the special gifts we give those we love.  A dog receives a bone, a kitty some cream, a pelican gets a fish, an otter a clam… and the little girl at the end gets two heart shaped balloons.

Here’s one of her balloons, from a bit of an unusual angle.

the ribbon hanging from a heart shaped foil helium balloon

Heart Shaped Balloon

Her Royal Highness…

Lily-Ann and her Grams made a crown today while I was off at an eye appointment.  Here she is, showing it off.  🙂

tin foil and cerial box crown

Her Royal Highness, Princess Lily-Ann

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