Daily Archives: February 6, 2010

Bath Day!

Poor Roo…  it’s bath day, and she’s not happy about it.  But she’s a good little girl, and does her best to put her chin up.

Chihuahua in the BathBath time for little dogsWawa getting wet

My only problem, was I couldn’t decide which version I liked best.  LOL  The first is the unedited image, the second has the colour punched up a notch, and the third is sepia.  I wanted it to be clear how disconcerting Roo found this entire exercise.  Poor Chihuahua in the bathtub soaking in the suds, while mean old mommy takes a picture.  😉  So…  which do you like?  I recommend clicking on each to see a larger version before weighing in.  😀

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