All around us exists a world of magick…  and for a small moment I captured it all in my daughters eyes.

To a two and a half year old, everything is new, everything full of wonder.  But perhaps more than any other force of nature, freshly falling snow grabs the imagination in an immensely powerful way.  Having the wee girlie in my life has reopened the doors to the spectacle of sensation.  I’ve always believed in the power that can be found all around us.  The miraculous, yet completely tangible, world we live in.  But seeing all these things through a little girls eyes only gives rebirth to the sense of awe and wonderment.  The truth of being immersed in a perfect moment.

a little girl, full of awe and wonderment over the falling snow

Pure Magick!

Now…  I do regret that she’s standing in front of a garbage pail, but what’s a mom to do.  A perfect moment filled with magick happens where it happens.  Not much I could do about it.  😉


About Tobi-Dawne

Tobi-Dawne Smith is many things to many people... photographer, canine behaviour expert, equal rights activist, green politician, lactivist, intactivist, writer, crafter, dog handler, third wave feminist, etc. But most important in her life is her role as mother to an amazing five year old. Learn more about TD at follow her blog at get to know her daughter at or check out her work at

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  1. Monika Kinner-Whalen

    I noticed the garbage can too.. but it’s great. You immediately need to gaze at her face again and the garbage can just disappears ; ) She’s so in the moment.

    love it!!

    • Thanks Monika! 🙂 I may go in and edit this a bit in photoshop at some point… maybe remove the text on the garbage can. But wanted to post it in it’s pure unedited form. I really do think the can will just disappear once the text is gone. The white on black is what pulls your attention to it, but you are right, drawn right back into her face. 😀 She is all the magick I’ll ever need!

  2. That is the sweetest, most precious photo I have seen since my daughter was that age. Looks like she has some red hair too.

  3. What a magical moment to capture!! This is simply beautiful. I’m on your Yahoo MomWriter list. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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