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Okay…  so it’s not lemmings, it’s A lemming.  One lemming.

A fellow I chat with on occasion through twitter asked me to draw him a lemming.  So, I said okay.  LMAO  Didn’t have a lot of time, so here’s my quick ten minute sketch of a sweet little Norwegian Lemming.  Cute little critters.

Hope you enjoy her @silverpeanut.  🙂

felt tip, sketch of a lemming


…who knows, maybe I’ll add more detail and actually finish the sketch if I ever find a few spare minutes.

First Bounce!

The first bounce of the season!

Wee girlie was BORN to jump on a trampoline.  She absolutely lives for it.  She didn’t get out in the yard for long, but she did get in the first few bounces of the season…  and she was thrilled about it!

Seriously, she’s been using my parents trampoline since before she could walk.  She’d be out there crawling around on it, and before that, just sitting on it while we bounced her.  She loves it!  One day we may have to figure out a way to get her one of her own.  🙂

So while this photo wasn’t the best of todays…  it certainly made me smile the biggest.  😀

jumping on the trampoline


Another Afternoon at the Zoo

Okay… so it wasn’t an entire afternoon.  Our household has been a little under the weather lately, and I think we all needed a little fresh air in our lungs.  So despite not being all better yet, we spent close to an hour at the zoo today.  While it may not have done much for us physically, it did a lot for our spirits – which makes a BIG difference.  Hopefully we’ll be all better soon, but at least we aren’t feeling as blue since making our brief escape.  😉

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Day

This Path We've Chosen

And here’s a bonus picture today…  me peeking out from behind my camera while looking into an animal enclosure (with a mirrored backing).  I like the reflection on the closest pane of glass too.  🙂

Me, peeking out from behind my camera to say HELLO



Here it is folks… proof that spring has sprung on the Canadian Prairie.  Wow!  Can’t believe we aren’t still buried under snow…  it is still March, right?  We’re usually still partially under snow in MAY!

Yep.  Can you believe it?  Little growing things popping out from under the autumn leaves (don’t know why folks insist on raking them up, they are SOOO good for your yard).

little growing things...  tiny green sprouts of something...


Sleepy Girlie

Wee girlie is a sleepy girlie…  gearing down before bed.  🙂

tired little girl... all ready for pj's, a story, and bed.

Sleepy Girlie

During the Roadmap Saskatoon Conference

Loved the composition here…  just the way a teacher happened to place her things while listening to a speaker, and loved the way the shadow is playing and interacting with said subject matter.  🙂

glasses, a pen, and a clipboard


At “The Egg Plant”

Today was the first day of Road Map Saskatoon’s sixth annual conference.  This year the topic is sustainability in business.  I’m working as the official photographer for the event, which is much different than my usual photography gigs.  But it’s a good opportunity to broaden my skills, and to take in a fabulous event at the same time.

This shot was taken at the OADBT building.  In it’s former life, the building was the old egg producers plant.  Though the only thing remaining from those days is a beautifully old, stained, concrete floor.

oadbt, the egg plant...  meeting room.

at The Egg Plant.

A baby river dolphin…

The wee girlie, blending into the play-scape, as she pretends to be a lost baby river dolphin…  grateful for the help and protection of a friendly hippopotamus.  🙂

River Dolphin and Hippo

MY baby river dolphin. 🙂

Lily-Ann’s Wall

Today the wee girlie and I put up stickers in her room.  She was thrilled!  🙂

The animal alphabet on the wee girlie's wall

The Animal Alphabet

On our way to Parent & Tot Yoga

Here we are, on our way into our Parent and Tot Yoga class.  Wee girlie just looks way too grown up.

off to school

Heading to class...

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