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I’ve been sick…

I’ve spent the last week sick…  mostly in bed…  I finally wandered out yesterday (went to my parents place).  Today, I was out and about.  Still got one heck of a cough, but I’m not contagious.  LOL  And I’m feeling VERY housebound.  Definitely needed to be out and about.  But now I’m exhausted.  Sooo…  here are pictures from the last week.  I did take a picture with my phone every day.  Mostly just boring stuff that was right beside me.  I’ll share today’s picture tomorrow.  Too tired to transfer all the photos from my camera tonight still.  LOL  Hope you’ll forgive me.  🙂  Will get right back on track now that I’m almost all better.

Herbon cough drops

Feb 25 - still don't make it far without these on me.

paper butterfly on a pencil

Feb 26 - playing with a paper butterfly the wee girlie and I made a couple of days previously

wee girlie has a strong immune system, here she is... sleeping.

Feb 27 - sleeping girlie

playing with paper dolls...

Feb 28 - playing with paper dolls, a good mommy-is-stuck-in-bed activity

more paper dolls... paper fairies to be more precise

Feb 29 - paper dolls... again.

a very bored little girl

Mar 1 - "no pictures mother"... bored and housebound wee girlie

a crown and a bear...

Mar 2 - stuff in the bed, a crown, a bear, and a rag doll

finally out of the house!  My brother Wilson playing with the delighted wee girlie

Mar 3 - finally out of the house! My brother Wilson, playing with Lily-Ann.

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