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Amber & Ainsley

The wee girlie and I headed out just after an early lunch to meet our dear friends Amber and Ainsley at the park today.  Amber is my most trusted friend, and Ainsley is one of Lily-Ann’s favorite buddies.  It just kinda worked out that Amber and I met, and met again (a couple of times) before becoming friends.  By chance we are on the exact same page as one another on pretty much everything, from politics to parenting.  LOL  And we both had baby girls three months apart…  (just before becoming good friends).  Fate kept throwing us together until we took the hint.  😉  So it’s super awesome that, through our friendship, Ainsley and Lily-Ann have a built in buddy.  😀

Anyway….  I took my camera along with us to the park.  Only snapped about ten pictures, and two of my favorites happen to be of Amber and Ainsley.  Look at Amber’s face.  Nothing more wonderful in the world than the way she is looking at her baby girl.  You know that wee girlie is treasured and loved beyond measure.  🙂  Lovely!

Amber Jones and her daughter Ainsley playing at the park

Amber & Ainsley

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