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Hair cut and a pedicure.

Lily-Ann is a lake girl.  She loves being out swimming in the water, tromping through the bush, cooking on the fire, and exploring through the trees.  This does not work well with long hair.  So today, it was time to for a cut.  Last year I did it all one length, just a cute little bob.  This year I layered it.  So while it looks about the same length as last time, it’s actually a fair bit shorter.  The longest layer is the same length as her last cut, but the top layers are considerably shorter.  Perfect for roughing it.  No amount of sand, smoke, dirt, or tree bits will make this cut unmanageable.  🙂

So, today’s picture shows off her new “do”.  But it also highlights one of her back yard activities.  One we can’t quite figure out… but which reminds me of a make-shift pedicure.  LOL  She covers her feet in wet sand, then climbs into the pool to wash them off.  Over, and over, and over again.  LMAO  But she does like to have an audience for this procedure.  Somehow it’s just not as fun when there is no one there to witness the demonstration.  Silly kid.

wee girlie putting wet sand on her feet.

Hair cut and a pedicure.

Cuddled up…

As the rain pours down, the thunder rolls, and the lighting flashes across the sky…  the girlie and I cuddle beneath Nana’s blanket.  Listening, and loving the sights, sounds, and smells of a Summer storm.  🙂

All cuddled up...

On an unrelated note…  I’ve finished the manuscript for my children’s story.  What possessed me to write a children’s book I’ll never know.  But it was the first time my muse hit me in such an unrelenting fashion in a long time.  I’m quite comfortable writing canine non-fiction (dog training advice, behaviour tips, and breed information most commonly).  But then, one evening, laying in bed next to my sleeping girl I just felt the NEED to write.  The only thing near by was my BlackBerry… so believe it or not I actually wrote the first 1/3 of the manuscript on that.  LMAO  Hey!  When the muse hits, the muse hits!  If I’ve learned one thing as a writer it’s to listen to my inner voice.

Now I begin taking steps on completely foreign soil.  I don’t have contacts (agents and publishers) in this world.  In non-fiction, doing what I’ve been doing for years?  Yep.  I know many folks.  But this is something completely new to me.  So it’s a new adventure… but one I think will be very worth fully delving into.  Wish me luck.

Sun on your shoulder…

Out with the wee girl, exploring her world.  The sun caught her shoulder…

I always think she looks beautiful, but she looked so beyond any earthly beauty.  She was radiant.  My perfect miracle.

She makes everything worth it.

A Gift

Basketball Tournament

Today my husband played in a three on three basketball tournament…  teams were put together in each of the Superstore and Extra Foods locations here in town.  I was really proud of him.  His team went out there with only three members (there were twice that many signed up) which mean no subs.  Damon was one of the older guys out there, and he played hard.  People ten and fifteen years his junior with fresh playing experience were on teams up against him, and they got breaks during play.  Damon, and his team, held their own.  And while they felt like underdogs, they played as well as any of them.  Actually…  better than many of them.  They didn’t make it into the final, but they came close.  So YAY Damon!!!  😀

Damon claims he’s adding basketball to his Murtaugh list.

Damon's team in their second game.

Basketball Tournament

This wasn’t the flashiest photo of the day…  but it shows how well Damon’s team played together.

For more photos (lots of action) head to:

Dad’s Squirrel

My dad likes squirrels.  It all started with a squirrel at the lake, who lives near my parents cabin.  Dad started feeding it, and it soon became known as his squirrel.  We all jumped on the band wagon, and he now owns many squirrels (including this one I got him).  And he still feeds his squirrel at the lake.  🙂

TY Beanie Squirrel

Dad's Squirrel

I like squirrels too.  I think they get a bad rap.  They are amazingly adaptable little critters.

Pop Quiz!

How many of you know what I’m holding in this pic?

Hint – Crunchy mommas may have an edge on guessing this one.

Can you guess?

What is it?

Another hint?  Okay…  I’ll be doing an article featuring this item, and several other products for a similar use in an upcoming Pure Greenius.  Want to know more?  Guess you’ll just have to keep your eyes on to get the scoop.  😀

I’ll be honest…  reviewing some of these items took me on a rather uncomfortable journey.  But you can’t write what you don’t know.  So I just pushed on through, determined to get the dirt that other women have been too timid to get.  Boy.  Sometimes I have to shake my head at myself…  the things I’m willing to do so that others don’t have to.  LMAO

A weeks worth of photographs

I know… it’s been a little while since my last post.  And I was doing so well too.  LOL

You know, I think I may continue this blog even past the project 365 challenge.  But I’ll make a bit of a change.  The whole reason I haven’t posted was because I’m photo’d out.  I’ve been working on my new photography site, which means combing through thousands and thousands of old photos from the last couple of years.  So honestly?  I just wasn’t up to looking at any more photographs.  I took pictures every day, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pull them up on the computer.  So I didn’t.

We are now past the half way point in the year.  And I really have come to enjoy my daily blog time.  The only obstacle that keeps me from it occasionally is the photography end of it.  There are times when I’m just feeling like my brain is made of mush…  and while I’d be able to post while feeling this way (today for example), I don’t feel creative.  And, for me, photography requires muse.  So perhaps, next year I’ll continue posting every day, but follow the example of others, and share in “Wordless Wednesday” with a purely photographic post.

Anyway.  Lots has been going on this last week, and I’m a little burned out.  I’m coming down with a cold, which is never fun.  So I’ve ramped up the intake of herbs to try to keep the virus at bay.  LOL  At the very least it should help lessen the severity of it, and perhaps shorten it a tad too.

Okay… on to the photographs.

Oh!  heh heh…  one more thing.  For those of you who do check in on me regularly, what keeps your interest?  Are you here for the photos, or are you here to read?  You don’t have to share, but I am curious.  And it may help decide the future of the blog, past this year.

Friday, June 18th

We had a busy day.  Lots of running around, including a doctors appointment for the wee girlie (who, thankfully, loves going to see the doctor).  We couldn’t get in to see our GP (funny thing?  GP, depending on the circles you’re in, can mean general practitioner, guinea pig, or german pointer) so headed to the minor emergency clinic we use.  The doctor we saw thinks the wee girlie may have asthma.  She’s too young for the test, but he said her symptoms point that direction… especially considering there is a family history.  Not sure how I feel about this yet.

beautiful sleeping girlie

Sleeping Beauty

Saturday, June 19th


Natasha (my cousin) came into town this weekend, so the whole family got together at my parents place.  It was so nice to see the babies (Clyde and Hudson) who are on either side of the one year mark…  well…  they were last weekend.  Both are now over one.  🙂  I love family gatherings, I always have.  So this was a really nice treat.

The wee girlie was so good with the boys.  She shared all her toys, and even bounced them on the trampoline.  She really enjoyed having them around.  Well, until Hudson borrowed her highchair.  LOL  Of all the things in the world for her to hold sacred, I never would have expected it to be her highchair.  As soon as Natasha put him in it, she came over to me with this indescribable look on her face.  She tugged the sleeve of my shirt (to ensure she had my attention I suppose), and said in a very serious tone “Momma, that baby has GOT to GO.”

Picking a photograph to mark the occasion was really difficult.  So many wonderful new memories formed today.  In the end though, I had to go with this one.  Jamie (my pregnant cousin) and Ron (who lives at my parents place) comparing bellies.  I’m not sure Ron really understood why everyone was so excited about Jamie’s belly, after all, he’s got a nice one himself.  ;D

comparing bellies...

Baby? Bellies!

Saturday, June 20th

Happy Fathers Day!  We had a lovely day today.  Spent the afternoon and evening with my Dad.  I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful men in my life.  My Dad is awesome, my Grampa is amazing, and my husband is fabulous.  Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I love them all very deeply, and am so grateful they are so involved in my life.

Here’s Lily-Ann and her Pop Pop (my dad) filling up the bird feeder we got him.  The wee girlie was being a little goofy, but that’s just par for the course.  😉

Lily-Ann and her Pops

Monday, June 21

Here’s the wee girlie putting some stickers on the poster she got from the library last week.  Stickers she got at the co-op of Cooper the bear (their mascot).

Not every day can be super interesting.  😉


Tuesday, June 22nd

Okay… now I’m just getting tired of sitting here.  LMAO  So here are the pictures, a la wordless wednesday tradition (and yes, I know it’s not wednesday).

Swingset (taken from the car window).

Wednesday, June 23

Another of a sleeping girlie

Thursday, June 24th

Okay, technically this isn’t a picture I took…  but I the wee girlie knew I was pulling out my phone to snap a quick shot of something, and she asked if she could do it instead.  So I said sure, and handed her the phone.  She took a picture of me sitting in the car.  🙂

Me (by the wee girlie)

So that’s the last week.  🙂  Will have something else to post tonight, but I haven’t taken a photo for today yet.  LOL  See you then.



Yay!  Swing set parts!

Yay!  Swing set is set up IN OUR YARD!

Yes…  that means we stood out in the rain, totally soaking wet pulling apart the swing set.  Then drove across town (still in the rain) to our house, granted across town here means 15 minutes, but still.  LOL  And yes.  That means we continued standing in the rain for another hour and a half, completely drenched, as we put it back together again.  But we have a very happy wee girlie…  and it was SOOOOOOO worth it.  😀

Now we just have to wait for the rain to stop so she can actually play.  😉

Ladybug, ladybug fly away home…

We took the bike (and bike trailer) out for a spin again today.  Trying to get back into the habit of riding daily.  While out I noticed a little ladybug sitting up on the battery.  Thankfully he stayed put until we reached our destination.  Lily-Ann was thrilled that he’d come along for the ride, and spent several minutes playing with him before we went inside.

My only regret?  That the camera in my BlackBerry Pearl isn’t any better.  It was such a sweet moment.  Would have been nice to have had a REAL chance to keep it, perfectly crisp and clear, for her memory album.

Ladybug, ladybug (or ladybird, ladybird) ...

Choose Your Weapon!

I chose my Nikon D70.  Sure it’s outdated, and not as cool as the newer Nikon DSLRs…  but it’s mine.  And unlike some other “weapon”, mine is all about the truth.  😀

So, it’s almost nine, and I haven’t taken a photo for today.  LOL  My solution was to use photobooth, and I grabbed the closest thing to me to capture.  That just happened to be my camera.  This is after I played with it a bit using iPhoto.

Night all!

Choose Your Weapon!

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