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A good day…

We had a nice day today.  Lily-Ann and I played in the yard, enjoying the first day of sun we’ve had in quite some time.  Later we went to the “little tiny library”, the Mayfair branch.  It’s nice to have one so close to home.  It has quickly become the wee girlie’s favourite branch, and I have to admit, it’s one of my favourite’s too…  even before we moved to the area and it became the closest branch.  We ended our day with an evening out.

Donny Parenteau is doing a high school tour,  spreading a message of hope.  Letting teens know that if they work hard enough at it, that dreams can come true.  His tour is all about being true to yourself, and believing in the power of dreams.  A message well worth  spreading.

I’ve blogged about the fact that my dad plays with Donny before…  and having your dad in the band does have special perks.  Like tonight.  😀  At the concert (part of the school tour), Lily-Ann had asked Pop Pop and Donny to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Well, instead of just playing it for her, Donny calls her up on stage.  My sister Jewles jumped up and swept the wee girlie onto the stage, and Lily-Ann made her big music debut.  How many other toddlers do you know that have been invited up to sing during a concert?  😉  Pretty cool.

antique faded photo

Princess Lily

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