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A new-to-us swing set?

Well…  here we are, heading out the door.  The wee girlie showing me how her shirt sparkles as she moves, totally unaware of her Daddy and my plans for the day.  All she knows is she’s going to Pop Pop and Grams house.  🙂

showing mommy the sparkles


What the wee girlie didn’t realize was that I found a used swingset through the Full Circles network (full circles is just like free cycle).  The only stipulation was that we needed to disassemble and remove it ourselves.  No problem, I figured.

We dropped the wee girlie off with my parents, where she spent the day playing outside – jumping on the trampoline, swinging, climbing monkey bars, sliding, and splashing in her paddling pool.  There is never a lack of things to do there.  Oh!  They also checked on the garden, to see what veggies and flowers were starting to sprout.

With tools in hand, and a borrowed vehicle (we needed something bigger than our car) we headed across town.  Things started off, just as they should…  until our screwdriver broke.  YIPES!  So we tried a relative who lives pretty close to where we were.  No luck.  Which is when we hit the nearest store.  Bought a new screwdriver for five dollars…  we would end up needing it anyway, even if we had managed to borrow one today.  Well, it didn’t help.  A couple of the bolts are rusted right onto the screws, and now those screws are stripped.  EEEPS!

So, with many apologies for not removing the swing set today as we’d intended, I’ve promised we’ll figure it out in the next day or two.  I’m thinking hacksaw…  and then replace the nuts and bolts we end up cutting through.  Any other thoughts?  LMAO  This is definitely NOT my area of expertise.  ;D

One thing I am grateful for today, is that we DIDN’T tell the wee girlie about the swing set.  She’d have been so disappointed.  This way it can still be a wonderful surprise once we do get it all worked out.  LOL  And if you don’t have any advice for us, how about just wishing us a little luck.  😀

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