It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

It was lovely out today (still is), so the wee girlie, her daddy, and I took our bikes out and about.  Here’s the wee girlie, all being buckled in after leaving  co-op.  She purchased her first stamps today, to put on the invitations for her birthday party (which she made herself).  She was very proud, and did a great job.  The young ladies working in the post office must have thought so too…  they gave her a “cooper” bag that can be worn as a backpack.  Lily-Ann was thrilled.  LOL  It was really cute.

Anyway…  here’s the girlie in her bike trailer.

all buckled in

Okay…  so I can’t let today go by without saying something.  It would seem odd.

Today is Canada day.  And while normally I’m super vocal about how proud I am to be Canadian, and how much I love our wonderful country…  I just can’t do it.  Not this year.  I am embarrassed by what is going on in our nation.  I’m embarrassed by our ecological record.  I’m embarrassed by the atrocious way things have been policed at the G20 summit.  I’m embarrassed by the way we have repeatedly shat on our First Nations people.  I’m embarrassed by the lack of empathy in the “ruling class”.  I am embarrassed in a big way by how our government and our people have lost all sense of perspective on so many issues.  I LOVE MY COUNTRY!  It hurts me to see her in such disrepair.  Being Canadian has become a joke on the world stage, and it wasn’t always that way…  I just hope it’s not too late for things to be put right.  I hope it’s not too late for this once great nation to become great again.

So this Canada day…  I’m sitting quietly by…  I just don’t feel up to celebrating.

(flame suit on)


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Tobi-Dawne Smith is many things to many people... photographer, canine behaviour expert, equal rights activist, green politician, lactivist, intactivist, writer, crafter, dog handler, third wave feminist, etc. But most important in her life is her role as mother to an amazing five year old. Learn more about TD at follow her blog at get to know her daughter at or check out her work at

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