Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

A couple more days…

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that things will return to normal in a couple more days.  Things have been rather crazy lately…  What else is new, right?  LOL

I have been taking a photo a day this whole time, but I’ll be honest… I likely won’t post them.  I know myself really well, and I know I’m not up for the work that would be involved in downloading, editing, uploading, and blogging about that many images.  If I were to wait until I could find the time to do it all in a sitting I likely wouldn’t return to the blog in any real way, and I would miss it – as I have been missing it.

The last while I’ve been staying at my parents place (my husband has been staying at home) as they are in Ontario visiting family.  Two of my siblings still live at home, and require a caregiver.  There are also two older gentlemen who call my parent’s house, home (both who have special needs).  So between caring for Lily-Ann AND an additional four individuals, I’m pretty busy.  LOL  By the time night rolls around, the bed in my parents room starts calling my name pretty loudly… it would seriously interrupt any train of thought I had whilst attempting a blog post.  Much as it’s doing right now.  The bed is definitely calling to me.


In a few more days I’ll be back home, and life should return to normal.  Which means I should be back at the daily blogging.  I really  have missed it, so it will definitely feel good to be posting on a regular basis again.

Take care everyone, and be good to one another.  🙂

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