Daily Archives: August 16, 2010

“for you mom”

Well, life is back to normal…  for a few days anyway.  I’ve missed my daily posts.  I’ve missed the reflection that comes with this time each day.  I am very glad to be back where I feel I have the luxury of doing so again.  🙂  So, to welcome myself back to the blogosphere.  I’m sharing a gift.  Today, Lily-Ann gave me a flower.

a pretty little "weedy" flower

"for you mom"

One of the gifts of being a mom, are these small moments.  These little appreciations.  So I thought it was worth sharing.  I really am very blessed.  Things are rarely easy for us, but they are always good.  Because when you surround yourself with people who love you, life is always good.  🙂

Take care of each other…. and if you have a spare moment, check out my new photography site.  It’s at http://photography.tobi-dawne.com/

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