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In the last two days I’ve had five strangers, after seeing our tires, tell me how lucky I am, in one form or another.  Lucky, an angel watching over me, charmed…

It turns out now, that while the one tire blew, we were very close to having two blow outs.  And the type of blow, the magnitude of it, it was amazing we didn’t end up in oncoming traffic and then in the opposing ditch.

So, we ended up with a very expensive trip to Wallyworld (chosen because it’s an easy to find chain in almost every town and small city, even when you have no idea where you are otherwise).  Went in expecting to replace one tire, but had no choice but to replace two.  Thankfully the fellows there were very keen to take care of us, and not only gave us a deal but rotated the tires  so that the best ones were in the front – where I was told they will serve us best.

Here’s what’s left of the tire that blew.

one blown tire


On the dog show front (which is the whole reason we are in Yorkton) not much interesting to report.  Ned has looked really good out there.  🙂

A big congrats to my friends Kandy and Barry though, they took a group first with their Beagle and a group second with their Cav.  Two very well deserved wins.  Wonderful people with wonderful dogs.  🙂

Oh!  On the hotel front… everything got all sorted out.  They moved us from one room to another  while we were at the show, and it’s all good.  So YAY!  LOL

So, I’m tired.  Good night.  😀

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