Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

Chalk on the Walk

Chalk on the Walk

spending a few minutes drawing on the sidewalk, waiting for Grams to pick her up for a trip out to the lake.  I’m busy with a dog show this weekend, and hoping to get some construction done here at home too.  So while I’ll miss her, I know she’ll be just fine, and will likely have a whole lot more fun than she’d have here.   🙂

Staying in Saskatoon this long weekend?  Why not swing over to the Soccer center to watch the SKOC Dog Show?  It will be going from about 9-5 all three days.  Any time is good on Saturday or Sunday… but if you’ll be swinging by on Monday, try to get in before noon, as everyone heads for home as they finish up on the last day of a show.  So the longer you wait, the fewer dogs will be there.

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