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First Day of School

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the wee girlie’s first day of classes.  She’s in pre-kindergarten.  And she was oh so ready for this… even if I wasn’t.  I’ll admit, walking out of her classroom without her, and standing on the steps outside, I really had to fight to keep my tears from falling in full crocodile fashion (meaning, big and lots).  But I did it…  I kept it together.  At least until I’d walked home.  LOL  She did great though.  I knew she would.  She had loads of stories to tell…  told us all about a boy in her class who was scared, but that she helped him feel better, and then he had lots of fun.  She had songs to sing… all about how one shouldn’t eat green jelly beans as they’ll make you pat your head, rub your tummy, shake your leg, and hop all around.  She had pictures to share…  with an “old fashioned” clock with numbers and hands because it’s school time.  It was a really good day, and that made my day all better.  🙂

With that, here’s two versions of the same image…  one with edits, one without.  What’s your preference for?

Ready to Go! (original)

Ready to Go! (edited)

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