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Class, say hello to Mrs. Morgan.

Well, guess who I ran into at the wee girlie’s school.  🙂  That’s right!  Mrs. Morgan.  Well blow me down, you say?  Yep, bout knocked me knickers off.


Okay, so obviously I’m working on a lack of sleep here.  😉

Back to the beginning?

You bet.

So, I was hanging out in the hallway waiting for the wee girlie’s class to let out so we could walk home.  When out of nowhere (okay, so not out of nowhere, she walked out of the library) came an old family friend.  And I don’t mean old as in “in my day we walked 20 miles one way, up hill, through four feet of snow, with a spoon as our only shovel” way, but in the “they’ve been friends of our family for a long time” way.  LOL

As it turns out, Dawn is the librarian at the wee girlie’s school.  Which is absolutely fabulous.  I knew she was a librarian, but didn’t realize she was at Lily’s school. So it’s very cool…  and was very comforting for this mommy to see such a familiar and trusted face there.  🙂

Mrs. Morgan's Library

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