Prairie Machismo

There are some people who doubt it’s existence…  but I believe today’s photo of the day will prove that it is alive and well here in the heart of the prairies.  Prairie machismo is that force that fuels everything that some men do.  The force that compels them to be “bigger than”, “stronger than”, “tougher than” the next guy.  It is the force that inspires jokes about rednecks on the prairie.  It goes beyond testosterone driven displays well into the range of blatant stupidity.  It is the crushing of beer cans on the forehead while pouring gasoline on the bbq and wearing nothing but green and white body paint stupidity…  It is, as this man has done, wearing shorts and a tank top when it is five degrees celcius out.

So kudos oh great and mighty prairie man.  For proving, once again, that “real” men are all about scaring little children by displaying way too much flesh.

Real Men Don't Get Cold

Seriously though?  Come on guy…  cover up.  It’s cold out there.  You don’t look tough, you look silly.  Everyone else is out with long pants, jackets, hats, and mittens….  dressing like it’s still Summer is just plain goofy.

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  1. I do believe that nine month pregnant women follow in this mans machismo category (wearing shorts + tanks in cold weather)… or maybe just hormones? lol

  2. Some folks run warm, some run cold. seems about the same as pointing and mocking someone for being cold when you are not.

    • Prairie Machismo is alive and well here. If you listen, you hear it in the conversations some men have with each other. It makes me sad… this need to prove their manly worth to one another. Thankfully you do hear of fewer and fewer incidents caused by this type of attitude (as it can, and does, lead to violence at times), but it is still alive and well here. This photo was simply my attempt at tackling an issue that bothers me with a little bit of tongue in cheek fun.

      And on this particular afternoon we were only five degrees above freezing. FIVE degrees. above. freezing. 😉 That’s not tank top and shorts weather, even for those who run warm.

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