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The little cinder girl goes to school…

…and just like at the palace, she lost her shoe on the way.  😉

Here’s our own little Cinderlily putting her shoe back on, before skipping along the rest of the way to school.

The “Up High” Bed

Finished building the wee girlie’s “up high” bed today.  She has wanted a loft bed for a few months now, and even though I’m not really ready for her to be this grown up, she is.  So, I did my research, found plans, and created a safe kid zone just for her… right above our bed (which, I’m sure, will still be very much a “family bed”).

Watching a show before bed.

The ladder and entrance.

Her own space...

Nightstand full of books

We’re Building a Loft Bed!

Wow!  A tough job in such a small home, but we’re doing it.  And we’re actually more than half way there.  This kind of construction is relatively simple, the biggest problem we’ve encountered is simply trying to maneuver such huge pieces of wood in such a tiny space…  to give you some perspective…  the bed will be 8’8″ long when completed (including the frame) and the space it is in is only 10′ wide.  So, it’s been a little tough.  LMAO  The space being so tiny is also what has made the loft necessary.  It really should make a world of difference for this family of three + four + one + one + one (all the pluses are for our animal family members).

Anyway, here’s what it looks like after day one of construction:

Loft Bed Progress

Our hearts will never heal.  On this, the anniversary of the attack against our friends and neighbours, we remember all those who’s lives were ended, and who’s lives continue to be affected by the loss of those closest to them.   Never forget.


Scraptastic Saturday – Yay Literacy

Welcome to the very first Scraptastic Saturday.  So, yeah…  making Saturdays all about scrapbooking kinda takes away from the idea of this as a Project 365 blog.  LOL  But I need a change of pace.  So I figure a once a week break from the norm might not be a bad thing.  🙂

Sugar Pie Scraps has provided gift certificates for the winners of our very first Scraptastic Challenge.  So a big thank you to Crystal for her generosity.  It’s very much appreciated.  Winners will receive gift certificates for her shop at ESS @  And please feel welcome to stop by and visit her blog @

If you’re a designer and are interested in sponsoring a future challenge let me know, we’d be happy to have you.  🙂

With International Literacy Day having occurred this week (September 8th), with my being an avid supporter of the written word as both a reader AND writer, and with Sugar Pie Scraps having launched her new library themed scrapbook kit yesterday (September  10th)…  I figure it’s the perfect time for a themed challenge.  That said, your challenge is a literary themed “WordArt” challenge.

Create a layout (digital or paper) using one of the WordArt graphics I have made available at the links below.  Or, if you would prefer not to use the word art,  include either quote in your layout as part of your journaling.  But preference will be given to layouts featuring the actual WordArt.

Quote One:

“A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.”

Download WordArt here –

Quote Two:

“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”

Dowload WordArt here –

You have until midnight cst on Saturday (one week from today) to submit your layouts.  Feel free to upload anywhere:  FB, ESS, photobucket, DST, brownie scraps.  Include a link to this post in your layout description, and credit the WordArt as “a Scraptastic design by Tobi-Dawne”.  Then post a link to your layout in the comments section below.   Winners will be chosen and posted here no later than the Tuesday following (but I will do my best to post them sooner).

Good luck, and happy scrappin’!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Another day of rain…

You’d almost think it was Spring the way this rain is coming down.  For two days now we’ve been drenched in heavy rainfall.  It’s a little odd.  But then, most things to do with our climate are odd these days.  Anyone who denies climate change obviously isn’t a long time Saskatchewan resident.  Our climate has changed dramatically over the last few years, but at least, being far from any coasts or fault lines, we’ve remained relatively safe.

Anyway, here’s a concerned little girl checking on her container garden.  Her  cucumber plant ended up totally flooded, but thankfully (due to the thick lower foliage) the container she’s checking here is unharmed.

A concerned container gardener.

Class, say hello to Mrs. Morgan.

Well, guess who I ran into at the wee girlie’s school.  🙂  That’s right!  Mrs. Morgan.  Well blow me down, you say?  Yep, bout knocked me knickers off.


Okay, so obviously I’m working on a lack of sleep here.  😉

Back to the beginning?

You bet.

So, I was hanging out in the hallway waiting for the wee girlie’s class to let out so we could walk home.  When out of nowhere (okay, so not out of nowhere, she walked out of the library) came an old family friend.  And I don’t mean old as in “in my day we walked 20 miles one way, up hill, through four feet of snow, with a spoon as our only shovel” way, but in the “they’ve been friends of our family for a long time” way.  LOL

As it turns out, Dawn is the librarian at the wee girlie’s school.  Which is absolutely fabulous.  I knew she was a librarian, but didn’t realize she was at Lily’s school. So it’s very cool…  and was very comforting for this mommy to see such a familiar and trusted face there.  🙂

Mrs. Morgan's Library

Scraptastic Saturdays?

I’ve been thinking about doing something different for my Saturday blog posts.  I love scrapbooking…  if you’ve ever been to my website, it’s the first thing you’ll notice about me.  The entire site is designed to look like it’s been pulled out of a traditional paper scrapbook.  🙂  If you haven’t had a look before, now’s a good time.  😛

I’ve been doing paper scrapbooking back when it was just construction paper, markers, stickers, and photos.  LOL  They weren’t very pretty – but it was more fun than a regular old photo album.  😉  And I’ve now been involved in digital scrapbooking for a few months.  I love both mediums, for different reasons.

So…  I’ve been thinking that I might start “Scraptastic Saturdays”.   Share a layout or two, do a challenge (with prizes), post links to sales or promotions I’ve stumbled upon, give away a freebie from time to time.  What do you think?  Would you be interested?  Or should I skip it, and just stick to the usual format (which is, to say, just ramble on about whatever takes my attention at the moment).  🙂

As for the photo of the day…  I do have one, but I haven’t downloaded it from my camera yet.  Will you forgive me if I just post it along with tomorrows?  I was working on a scapbook layout and lost track of time.  LOL

First Day of School

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the wee girlie’s first day of classes.  She’s in pre-kindergarten.  And she was oh so ready for this… even if I wasn’t.  I’ll admit, walking out of her classroom without her, and standing on the steps outside, I really had to fight to keep my tears from falling in full crocodile fashion (meaning, big and lots).  But I did it…  I kept it together.  At least until I’d walked home.  LOL  She did great though.  I knew she would.  She had loads of stories to tell…  told us all about a boy in her class who was scared, but that she helped him feel better, and then he had lots of fun.  She had songs to sing… all about how one shouldn’t eat green jelly beans as they’ll make you pat your head, rub your tummy, shake your leg, and hop all around.  She had pictures to share…  with an “old fashioned” clock with numbers and hands because it’s school time.  It was a really good day, and that made my day all better.  🙂

With that, here’s two versions of the same image…  one with edits, one without.  What’s your preference for?

Ready to Go! (original)

Ready to Go! (edited)


The word “label” can be very loaded.  It refers to the way we box one another in, the way we try to keep everyone locked into neat and tidy rows.  Throw a label on someone and you don’t have to dig any  further, you don’t need to learn any more.  Labels can be disgusting and dirty little things put upon us by “polite” society.  But, they can also be a way to help your child… heading off into the big world.  Where, for the first time, they don’t have you holding their  hand guiding them.  Putting labels on the wee girlie’s things probably wasn’t completely necessary…  but it’s my way of helping her to move on to this next step.  Hopefully, when she sees the little hearts, it will be a reminder of how treasured she is, and how important she is to me.

This is the first time that someone outside our family will have such a large and possibly profound impact on our wee girlie.  It scares me a little.  I did my homework, checked out our options.  Met teachers and T.A.s back in the Spring.  And I really do think I picked the best possible program for Lily-Ann.  But the fact remains, we (as parents) really know very little about the teachers we entrust the lives of our children to.  I have no way of knowing what values her teachers will impart… or if they will match our own.  All I can do is continue to guide Lily-Ann, to help her feel secure in who she is, so that as she grows she is capable of making sound, compassionate, loving choices.

I know the wee girlie is going to love this new stage of her life…  but as a parent, it requires a huge trust.  And I hope it is well placed.


From: Mom

My mom made me a quilt last month.  I love it.  It’s beautiful and means so much to me.

From: Mom

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