Daily Archives: November 10, 2010

I love my BlackBerry, but…

…tonight I’m a little frustrated with it.

I’ve got several cute photos I wanted to share tonight.  I took a picture of the wee girlie, and following that she took several herself  They turned out great, and I planned on sharing them.  However, every time I attempt to send them from my camera to my netbook I end up with a big red X.

The big red X, to BB users, means death.  Whatever you have tried to do, failed… miserably.  I have now tried ELEVEN (11) times to email the pictures to the netbook.  Eleven times my attempts have been greeted by the X of doom.  So that’s it.  I’m giving up.

It’s almost midnight, and I’m a tired mommy. I’m disappointed  because the pictures really were super cute.  I really did want to share them with you.  And it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.


Night all.

Take care of each other.  Listen to, respect, and show compassion for one another.

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