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Keep Hydrating!

Sorry everyone.  Not feeling well tonight…  but I did want to log on to share anyway…  So here’s my motivational message for the night:  Keep Hydrating!

Water is important.  And in most places, tap water is just as good (if not better) than bottled water.  So buy yourself a nice refillable bottle (mine is glass and says “tap water” on it) and refill often.

Keep Hydrating!

Get your own “tap water” water bottle here:  I LOVE mine.  Seriously, it is probably one of my very favourite “just mine” things.  I truly love my water bottle.  A little geeky?  yeah…  but that’s okay.  LOL

The first snowman, snowowl, thing…

Today, during our walk to school, the wee girlie and I were playing catch using snowballs.  It’s only a six block walk, but we usually allow ourselves a half hour to get there because…  well…  because you can just have a lot more fun that way.  😉

“Hey!  Lily-Ann…  check out this move.”

The wee girlie comes running over, and watches, utterly amazed as I take a snow ball and roll it through the damp sticky snow covering the field.  The little, tightly packed ball, quickly grows to double, triple, and quadruple it’s original size.

“This is how you start a snowman.  Wanna build one with me?”

You can almost see the wheels begin spinning in her little mind as her eyes widen.  With the enthusiasm only a pre-schooler can muster, the girl bursts  forth with “Yah!”

And thus our little snow adventure began to take shape.

So, on the way to school we built a snowman in the park.  Which is cool enough on it’s own.  It was the wee girlie’s FIRST snowbeing.  We didn’t have carrots or raisins or twigs… but we did have lots of leaves – so they worked for making a face.

On the walk home though, it got even better.  We talked Carissa and her Dad into building some more with us.  In the photo below you’ll see the two super long paths the two larger snowballs made as us two grown-ups pushed them along.  I made the bigger one.  LOL  …but I didn’t have to pick up mine.  Carissa’s dad on the other hand, did have to pick up his, and nearly crashed into the original snowman after dropping his on the ground where it broke in two.  Snow is heavy.  Damp snow especially so.  😉

The new snowbeing is an owl, I was told.  Or at least what the two girls perceive a mythical snow beastie of an owl to be.  I loved it!

And even the broken half of the second large ball of snow ended up becoming something…  a baby snow creature.  Thus our original snowman became snowmother.  So snowowl, snowmother, and snowbaby now sit in the park by our house waiting to greet us during our walk to school tomorrow.

Working on the snowowl

Discussing what would come next.

The whole snowfamily.

Another trip to the zoo…

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not…  but we spend a lot of time at the zoo.  LOL  We love animals, and there is so much to be learned through up close encounters.  And that includes encounters with domestic species too.

Here is the wee girlie giving a big hug to the Zoo’s resident cat.  She followed us around pretty much everywhere today…  from the children’s zoo to the discovery center to the barn and back again.  Guess she just needed some loving.  🙂

hugs for the Saskatoon Zoo's resident cat

a little love goes a long way

Scraptastic Saturdays – Special

Today I’m bringing you another Scraptastic Design by TD.  In particular, a wordart freebie.  I host the definition challenge at ESS every month, and for November I chose the word “special”.

scrapbook wordart for the definition challenge at enchanted studio scraps

You can download the wordart at  Then, if you feel like playing along, head on over to to play along.  For your layout to count towards the points awarded at ESS at least 40% of your LO (layout) must contain product from ESS designers.  But you can always play along without worrying about challenge points too….  in which case, you can upload your LO anywhere, and just share a link here so I can find it and leave you some love.  🙂

Hope you enjoy the word art.


Looks like Jack Frost has been busy painting the prairies with his icy brush.  Most everything has a glinting layer of white.  Beautiful, but chilly.

Go Frost Yourself! 😉


Just a reminder… the candlelight vigil in remembrance of the lives lost this year due to bullying is tomorrow night.  Please join us at the Vimy Memorial Bandshell in downtown Saskatoon.  We will be there from 7-8.  Bring candles, wear warm clothing, feel free to set up lawn chairs and blankets…  just come.  Please feel welcome to share your own stories, or listen to those of others.  The theme is “it gets better”.

I try to forget that it’s Remembrance Day.

On November 11th, every year after 1993, I do my best to forget that it’s Remembrance Day.  It may not seem appreciative, it may be politically incorrect, but it’s what I do to try to cope.  My sister was killed on Remembrance Day in 1993.  She was twelve, I was sixteen.  And in that instant the meaning of the day changed for me.

It was seventeen years ago now.   After that many years, it’s easy to get through the day to day.  After that many years her not being a part of my life is normal.

But on Remembrance Day it’s a whole different story.

One day a year those feelings become fresh, become new, and I experience the loss all over again.  One day a year I remember the annoying kid who drove me up the wall, yet who, at the same time, I loved totally and completely.  One day a year I remember my sister who never got to grow up.

I am so appreciative of all those men, women, and canines who have given so completely of themselves to ensure our freedom and safety. I am so grateful of the sacrifices made in the past, the sacrifices currently being made, and the sacrifices that will be made in the future.  So many amazing individuals giving of themselves in a way most of us can barely comprehend.  For the greater good – an idea, a concept that for so many has very little real and concrete meaning – but for our veterans and soldiers means everything.  Thank you!  To all of you!

Canadians have done amazing things worldwide, I am proud of our peacekeeping efforts.  We are a nation that believes in equality and in inalienable human rights, and our troops have given of themselves to ensure those rights for all people.  So please do not think that my attempts to forget, and ignore the date have anything to do with what Remembrance Day is supposed to be about.  It’s just that, for me and for my family, it is about remembering something entirely different.

It’s about my sister, Regan.

It’s about having someone you love ripped away from you.  It’s about all the things she had yet to do, and had yet to become, all the things she had hoped for.  It’s about the small moments we remember and that we now cling to… because they are all that’s left.

She was only twelve, and now she’s gone.

I will be glad when it’s November 12th, and we’ll have made it through another Remembrance Day.  Because, for a family to move on from something like this, you need to forget.  To cope, to survive, sometimes you just need to forget.


I love my BlackBerry, but…

…tonight I’m a little frustrated with it.

I’ve got several cute photos I wanted to share tonight.  I took a picture of the wee girlie, and following that she took several herself  They turned out great, and I planned on sharing them.  However, every time I attempt to send them from my camera to my netbook I end up with a big red X.

The big red X, to BB users, means death.  Whatever you have tried to do, failed… miserably.  I have now tried ELEVEN (11) times to email the pictures to the netbook.  Eleven times my attempts have been greeted by the X of doom.  So that’s it.  I’m giving up.

It’s almost midnight, and I’m a tired mommy. I’m disappointed  because the pictures really were super cute.  I really did want to share them with you.  And it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.


Night all.

Take care of each other.  Listen to, respect, and show compassion for one another.

I’m a cheater!

Okay…  I’m cheating again.  I didn’t take a picture today.  And I’m not even going to apologize.  LOL  But, to ease you all through a day with out one of my delightful photographs, here’s a zombie cat:
zombie cat


Thanks for sharing this one Tenna.  I loved it.  Every time I look at the cat I just start laughing.  Damon actually came over to see what was so funny.  Looked at the picture, then looked at me and asked “what’s wrong with you?”.  LMAO  So maybe we’re the only two people who find it funny.  😉  But that’s just fine by me.

November Rain

It rained in the morning, it rained all night, but for a brief time in the early afternoon the rain paused…  and out came the camera.  Here are a few shots I captured in my front yard – never venturing too far from the door, just in case the rain started pouring down again.

Got a favourite?  I’d love to know which, and why.  🙂




In Saskatoon?  Feel a need to be involved in something really important that could change lives for the better?  Join us on Saturday evening for one hour in the park.  Hold a candle, share a story, listen… and let kids know that IT GETS BETTER!

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