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Playing with her piggie…

Here’s the wee girlie on her Pop Pop’s computer…  playing on Mommy’s facebook account.  She’s got a virtual pet on there named Sagee-gee (yes she named him herself).  He’s a little piggie who changes colour most every day, changes outfits regularly, and loves decorating his four rooms.  He loves battling his friends, but is too competitive to race (he doesn’t like to lose, or is it that the wee girlie gets mad when she loses a race…  hmmmm….).  If you and I are “friends” on FB, and you’d like to play with the wee girlie, let me know and I’ll send you a game invite.  😉

Playing with Sagee-gee

Not Your Mom’s Trans 101 (via Transgression)

A lack of acceptance begins in childhood, when we teach our toddlers that there are boys and girls. We set our children up for feelings of inadequacy or worse… There are a myriad of genders, and all are natural, normal, and beautiful. Why teach our children anything different?

I hope you’ll take time to read the blog post below. It’s well worth your time and consideration.

There is a huge problem with the way that people are taught about gender in this society. Children are indoctrinated early to believe that there are two sexes, corresponding with two genders, which are both immutable and non-voluntary and completely beyond our control. This worldview is called the gender binary, and it has no room in it for us. Trying to teach a new perspective to the victims of this extremely aggressive brainwashing can be daunt … Read More

via Transgression

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