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Moving past doggy discrimination…

Proof that at least one of the smooth coat, tri-colour, Chihuahuas is working past their prejudice against the long coated blonde.

tri-colour and fawn... together

Roo still has issues with Marnie (the fawn and white long coat), but at least she and Ned (the two smooth coated tri-colours)  have allowed her onto the dog bed.

No idea what this post is in reference to?  LOL  Read back a bit.  Back to my post entitled “Jack-o-Lanterns, and Racism, and Chihuahuas – oh my!“.

Here today, gone tomorrow (or, The Excavator).

A “for sale” sign showed up not too long ago on the house three doors down from ours.  The day I saw it I remarked that the day after it says sold, it will be torn down.

The house wasn’t a tumbledown shack or a health inspectors nightmare.  It was a nice little home.  But that’s just it…  it was a nice LITTLE home.  A lot of our neighbourhood consists of homes that are 60+ years old, that range in size from 400 – 800 square feet, and that are situated on double wide or one and a half wide lots.  It’s pretty unusual to see one go up for sale that isn’t purchased by a business, demolished, and replaced with duplexes.  It’s sad, and a step backwards to see our neighbourhood be rebuilt like this.

Granted, this very process gave us an awesome neighbour on the one side.  He moved in (and is a renter) when the home beside us was demolished and replaced with two rental properties.  So I won’t make a blanket statement that all renters are bad – because they aren’t.  But a neighbourhood of rental properties is often a neighbourhood in crisis.

I know that if someone else had bought our home that it would likely have been demolished.  It’s old, small, and would take more money than it’s worth to fix up… and we’re on a double wide lot with lots of beautiful old trees.  It’s the kind of lot that realtors refer to as “park like”.  The lot was why we bought the house.

Anyway…  here’s the excavator:

The Excavator (taken from our front yard).

Sure enough.  The sold sign went up, and next thing we know there is an excavator and no house.  At least the wee girlie got to see it.  She loves excavators.

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