Daily Archives: December 19, 2010

Super Donair

We don’t eat out very often… unless you count my parent’s house.  😉  But when we do go out for food, one of our favourite  places is Super Donair on Idywyld.  If you haven’t been there, you really should go.  They make the best donairs in the city – and we’ve tried every place in Saskatoon that makes them.  The food is great, and the family that owns the restaurant is wonderfully welcoming.  We’re proud to say we’ve been customers since they first opened their doors last Autumn.

Tonight Damon had a donair, and the wee girlie and I shared one of their platters.  Soooo good.

Super Donair: a family affair.
Father and daughter working side by side.

Know of another great local  business?  share it in the comments section.  I’m always in favour of giving a “shout out” to a good family business.

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