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Super Donair

We don’t eat out very often… unless you count my parent’s house.  😉  But when we do go out for food, one of our favourite  places is Super Donair on Idywyld.  If you haven’t been there, you really should go.  They make the best donairs in the city – and we’ve tried every place in Saskatoon that makes them.  The food is great, and the family that owns the restaurant is wonderfully welcoming.  We’re proud to say we’ve been customers since they first opened their doors last Autumn.

Tonight Damon had a donair, and the wee girlie and I shared one of their platters.  Soooo good.

Super Donair: a family affair.
Father and daughter working side by side.

Know of another great local  business?  share it in the comments section.  I’m always in favour of giving a “shout out” to a good family business.

Scraptastic Saturday – a new kit, a new LO, and a new freebie

Lots of scraptastic stuff today.  🙂

First off, Sugar Pie Scraps has got an amazing new kit out at Polka Dot Plum.  It’s called Snow, Sledding & Sweets.  I absolutely love it.  When I first saw it, I knew I liked it…  but it wasn’t until I actually started working with it that I fell in love with it.  This kit really is a dream to work with.  It’s got a ton of flexibility, and works with both the sillier layouts and the more serious ones.  It really is fabulous.  And even better?  You have a chance to WIN it.  Hop on over to to enter the free draw.


Now, here’s the new LO (layout).  And you guessed it…  I used the kit above.  LOL

Lily-Ann and Marnie - my pretty girls


Oh right…  I also promised a freebie, didn’t I.  I didn’t forget.

The image is linked, so just click on it to download.  🙂

yuletide spirit wordartAnd if you feel like playing along, why not stop by the plum and share what you’ve created using my word art.  🙂  The url for the challenge is All I ask, is that when giving credit please list it as “a scraptastic design by TD”.  🙂


That’s it from me today.  I’m off to a party with some really great folks we know through my husbands work.  Take care, and be safe.

Little People in the Snow

Here are a couple of the wee girlie’s Little People…  out in the snow.  You can see bits of the barn and the house, but the people and the bus are well buried by now.  She has some she plays with inside, but these were sets that we got passed on to us second (and third) hand, so are ideal for outside play.  But I just found something humorous in the way they are peeking out of the snow.  We just didn’t get them put away before the first big snow fall this year…  even when we had little bits of snow she was still playing with them.  So there they’ll sit, until it melts away.  Waiting to play in the Spring.

Little People buildings in the snow

Goofy kid…

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Girlie

Hmmmm… Really?

...says the consumer driven corporate powerhouse eager to have you spend, spend, spend in the name of whatever you choose to celebrate.

Fight the Flu

People have this notion that it’s cold and flu season during the Winter, because when we go out into the cold we put ourselves at risk.  Not so.  Germs don’t like the cold – that’s why a cold mist humidifier is WAY healthier than a warm mist one.  Winter is cold season, because WE are like the viruses that plague us.

We don’t like the cold.  We huddle together inside.  We are in close confines, bunched together, all Winter long.  Germs love this.  It’s warm inside.  We like it warm, and so do the viruses.

I have a bad cold, and it’s knocked me for a loop.  But I have to admit, I’m glad I’m sick now – because I’d rather be sick now than during Yule and Christmas.  This is why I  didn’t post yesterday.  I crashed pretty early.  LOL

So here’s my survival tip (and yes, I’m taking my own advice).  Knock out the virus by loading up on Echinacea and Vitamin C, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest.



Children Need Animals!

I’ve been lax when it comes to posting lately.  It’s so much easier to just share a snapshot I took with my BlackBerry than to download the photos off my card, pick one, edit it, then upload it.  It takes me roughly three times longer to share a nice picture vs the snapshots.  LOL  I’ve had my good camera out quite a bit lately… but I haven’t actually shared anything I’ve taken.  Not because there hasn’t been anything worth sharing, there’s been a lot that I’ve been really happy with.  I’m just too exhausted at the end of the day to do a whole lot.  For that, I’m sorry.  Sometimes sleep is just more important than sharing.  LMAO

So today.

Children need animals.  I really do believe that a childhood without animals is like a broccoli salad without the broccoli… sure you can have everything else in there that you should have, but it’s just not right without the broccoli.  I know kids who have grown up without animals in their lives, and they turned out fine…  but why settle for fine when fantastic is within reach!

The benefits of growing up surrounded by animal family members have been documented again and again.  There are physical health benefits, psychological health benefits…  you can read the literature, there’s tons out there.  What it all boils down to though, is that sharing our lives with animal companions is simply good for us.  I can’t imagine a better way for a child to learn love, for a child to learn empathy and compassion, for a child to learn that sometimes our own desires need to be put on hold to help those who depend on us, than for a child to simply live these things every day.  And I know no better teacher than a dog.  Okay, yes… cats, birds, rats, turtles, etc. are great too.  LOL

Animals simply make our lives rich.  For those of us who are truly devoted to our animal families they also leave us cash poor, but they are so worth it.  And I cannot imagine having my daughter grow up any other way, than surrounded with the love and devotion of a family full of fur.

Puppy Love!

Scraptastic Saturday – Christmas Freebie

Hey everyone!

Got a Christmas freebie for you all today.  🙂

Now, not only do I host the definition challenge at Enchanted Studio Scraps, I’m now hosting challenges at Polka Dot Plum.  This week is their first ever Word Art challenge – hosted by moi!  So click on the image to download the free image, and then play along at:

Also, I’ve happily accepted the role as the lead CT for Sugar Pie Scraps.  That means I’m the Head Chef of the Sugar Pie Chefs…  which is something I’m quite excited about.  Think you might like to become a member of our awesome little group?  Check this out:

Moving past doggy discrimination…

Proof that at least one of the smooth coat, tri-colour, Chihuahuas is working past their prejudice against the long coated blonde.

tri-colour and fawn... together

Roo still has issues with Marnie (the fawn and white long coat), but at least she and Ned (the two smooth coated tri-colours)  have allowed her onto the dog bed.

No idea what this post is in reference to?  LOL  Read back a bit.  Back to my post entitled “Jack-o-Lanterns, and Racism, and Chihuahuas – oh my!“.

Here today, gone tomorrow (or, The Excavator).

A “for sale” sign showed up not too long ago on the house three doors down from ours.  The day I saw it I remarked that the day after it says sold, it will be torn down.

The house wasn’t a tumbledown shack or a health inspectors nightmare.  It was a nice little home.  But that’s just it…  it was a nice LITTLE home.  A lot of our neighbourhood consists of homes that are 60+ years old, that range in size from 400 – 800 square feet, and that are situated on double wide or one and a half wide lots.  It’s pretty unusual to see one go up for sale that isn’t purchased by a business, demolished, and replaced with duplexes.  It’s sad, and a step backwards to see our neighbourhood be rebuilt like this.

Granted, this very process gave us an awesome neighbour on the one side.  He moved in (and is a renter) when the home beside us was demolished and replaced with two rental properties.  So I won’t make a blanket statement that all renters are bad – because they aren’t.  But a neighbourhood of rental properties is often a neighbourhood in crisis.

I know that if someone else had bought our home that it would likely have been demolished.  It’s old, small, and would take more money than it’s worth to fix up… and we’re on a double wide lot with lots of beautiful old trees.  It’s the kind of lot that realtors refer to as “park like”.  The lot was why we bought the house.

Anyway…  here’s the excavator:

The Excavator (taken from our front yard).

Sure enough.  The sold sign went up, and next thing we know there is an excavator and no house.  At least the wee girlie got to see it.  She loves excavators.

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