Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Double Yolk Day

Okay… some days are winners and others…  well…  others are today.  LMAO

Seriously?  It just didn’t pay to get out of bed.

But, I did my best to find something positive…  and come 11:00, I did.  And it made me laugh.  Sometimes when things are just REALLY not going  your way, you can find your joy in the simplest and most ridiculous of places.  And today?  Today I found it in eggs.

For brunch I was making omelets for the wee girlie and I…  I cracked three eggs…  and got FIVE yolks.  I couldn’t help it.  The day had been so brutal that the small joy of finding two eggs with double yolks cracked (yes, egg humour) me up.

My double, double yolks.


And even better than finding double double  yolks, was sharing our broccoli and cheddar omelets together… easily the highlight of my day.  🙂  But, then again, she usually is.

gorgeous blue eyes

Fresh from the bath, wrapped in a towel, enjoying an omelet with her mommy.

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