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Today was a better day…

The wee girlie wasn’t sick, and Damon is on the mend…  but even better?  Ron and I have seemingly reached an understanding.  We had a good morning.  Granted, I woke him up early to give him an additional 20 minutes to get ready, which meant I had to get up that much earlier too, but it was worth it.  Today he was waiting at the door, dressed in his Winter gear, waiting for the bus when it arrived.  It’s so much nicer NOT to be sworn at first thing in the A.M.  LOL

Tomorrow is my little brother’s birthday.  And with my parents still in Cuba, the cake and celebration fall to me.  Normally they’d just pick up a cake at Costco…  but…  well…  you know me.  LMAO  I’m all about Vegan baking.  The problem?  I don’t know what I did with the white cake recipe I love.  It’s the one I used for the castle on the top of the wee girlie’s birthday cake (the castle was a white cake, the field was a chocolate cake… all vegan).  I THINK this may be it:  http://www.vegan-food.net/recipe/289/White-Cake-Version-2/ But I can’t remember for sure.  LOL  I sure hope so, because I don’t know what I did with my recipe card.

If I wasn’t out of quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) I’d be doing these:  http://www.vegan-food.net/recipe/1493/Quinoa-Cocoa-Cupcakes/

Vegan Cupcakes

Don’t they look amazing???  LOL  But that’s another recipe for another day.

I really do hope that’s the white cake recipe I used for the girlie’s birthday, because it was amazing.  Cross your fingers for me.

Night all.  🙂

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