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The best groupon email yet.

This evening I got the best email yet from someone looking to redeem their groupon and book a photography session:

“I know you must be swamped with emails. If you get one from name-removed (she is my sister) so you can ignore hers and book my first.”  — B.J.L.

It  just made me laugh.

Totally looking forward to photographing you and your family B.J.L., and will get you booked in as soon as I sit down to work on my next batch of sessions.

The Chihuahua X-pen Remodel

The biggest problem with living in a small house is the lack of space.  Too obvious for you?  Well, deal with it.  😉

I love my small house.  620 square feet of living space for three people and nine animals…  It’s not always easy, but we make it work.

Space is definitely at a premium, but I had to find a bit more of it for the Chihuahuas.  The feud between Roo and Marnie is not set to resolve itself any time soon, and I hated that Marnie often ended up resigning to sleeping on the floor when Roo refused to share the big bed with anyone but Ned.

So today we wiggled stuff, jiggled stuff, squeezed stuff…  and we did it.  We found two square feet more for the Chihuahua’s exercise pen (x-pen).   What is the big deal about two square feet that it was worth all the effort?  Well, two square feet is exactly enough space to include a second bed.  🙂  Now, whether or not Roo is willing to share sleeping space with Marnie, no-one has to end up on the floor.

Here are a few photographs of the newly remodeled Chihuahua sleep space:

The left half of the x-pen... featuring the new bed for Marnie, the emergency potty, and Marnie.

The right half of the x-pen... featuring the big bed, the emergency potty, and Marnie.


Neddie, temporarily boggarting Marnie's bed. Each of them had to have a turn in it after the remodel. 😉


Rooty-Toot Chihuahua... because I can't share pictures of the other two and not include her too.

So the x-pen now encompasses ten square feet of space.  Enough for two beds, two water bowls, and an emergency potty (for those times when we are out, or they just can’t wait until morning).  So far, they all seem a lot happier with this arrangement.  I know I am.

We are all just pieces of broken glass.

We are all of us, pieces of beautiful broken glass.  Sharp, dangerous, glistening, yet not quite whole.  It is only when we are melted down by an artist, all the pieces together, hot and molten, that we become whole.  A whole, full of potential, able to become anything.  Yet…  once the artist is finished…  we are once again so easily broken.  But even broken, we are lovely in our imperfection.


“Not a Girl”

I am often astonished by ignorance.  I shouldn’t be.  You’d think, at some point, I’d get used to it…  but I don’t.  Ignorance always astounds me.

One of my friends recently posted a picture on her profile, she looked absolutely smashing!  Yet one of the first comments posted insisted that she was “not a girl” and went on to list all the reasons why she’d never “pass” as female.  This particular friend, despite the ignorance displayed by this commenter, held her head high, and exhibited more poise than I’d have mustered.  She knows this individual may not ever truly accept her for who she is, yet she still shows nothing but kindness and love towards them…  and THAT, above all else, screams of Womanly grace.

Why must we hold Women, and girls, to such high standards?  Are we not all people?  Do we not all have faults?  Why must we be bombarded by the tabloid version of feminine beauty?  And why, oh why, must there be jerks out there who feel that is the way it SHOULD be???

What makes a person a Woman?  Is it her uterus?  Is it her breasts?  Is it her soft facial features?  Or is it her strength?

Women are powerful, women are beautiful.  Women are amazing.  And there is no definition of “Woman” that you can give that would be acceptable to me.

I am a proud third-wave feminist.  And I believe that Women cannot be boxed up, put on a shelf, and slapped with a definitive label…  And anyone who tries to do just that does a greater harm to themselves than they could ever do to us.

Gabrielle?  This post is for you.  You are beautiful, you are strong…  And he’s right, you’re not a girl…  you are a WOMAN!

BTW, when my daughter saw this picture she said “Wow!  She looks like a girl from the movies!”  🙂

The icing on the cake!

The absolute best part of any kids birthday (as any photographer will attest to) is the icing on the cake, and all the super cute colourful photos that go along with it.  😉

Here’s a couple snapshots from Lily-Ann’s BFF’s fifth birthday party on Saturday.  Just proof, that messy is always best!  LOL


Happy birthday Carissa!  Don’t ever change.  🙂

Choosing to be Inspired.

I’m one of those people who has always found inspiration to be easy.  I’ve always been inspired by whatever surrounds me.  Whether I’m out in the grandiousity (I know, another one of my made-up words) of  Mother Nature or just laying on the floor with one of my dogs…  I find inspiration near by.

What is key, is choosing to be inspired.  Just as one can choose joy, one can choose to be inspired.  Even in a mundane task, like doing the laundry, our choice is there.  Do we feel the warmth of freshly dried towels (whether sun dried or straight out of the dryer) and choose to be taken in by it?  Relishing the fragrance and texture?  or do we power through, refusing to allow our senses any enjoyment from the moment?  Inspiration, like joy, is a choice.

We are constantly surrounded by opportunities for inspiration.  My daughter inspires me multiple times daily.  Now, what serves as her inspiration? LIFE!  Children haven’t learned to suppress their joy and their inspiration…  life just flows through them.  They soak up all they can, and like a sponge that is too full, it flows freely through.  You just have to be a willing vessel, there to catch it all.

Yesterday Lily-Ann painted me a horse.  Her work is becoming more and more true to life, while still retaining that immediacy and fluidity of childhood art.  I love that she uses found objects without any prompting.  In this instance a bit of cotton fluff became the horses blanket.  I’m sharing, in the hopes that a little of my current inspiration can also flow through to you.

Here are a couple other pieces she created for me earlier this month.  Her work requires less and less explanation these days.  It’s a pretty cool development, especially considering only four months ago we had just discovered straight lines.  Before that everything were circles that swirled indefinitely…

Catching up with an old friend…

So, we’re still not over our coughs (all three of us are still hacking) but we went out today anyway.  After two weeks, we are long past being contagious.  We’re all still exhausted and run down from being sick for so long, but we needed the sunshine.

My BFF from elementary school, Bekki, was in town this weekend.  So she facebooked me, and the three of us (and the three of them) all got together for lunch today.  It really was such a nice treat.  It was the first time we’d seen one another in NINE years…  a very long overdue visit.

We laughed about some of the sleepovers we had, shared some of our silly memories.  Talked about what’s going on today…  and laughed a LOT about our lives as moms.  I’ll admit, today really made me miss Bekki.

It had been so long since she’d moved away, that her not being a part of my life was normal.  Having her back, even for as short a time as I did, made the lack of involvement seem strange.  We would be fast friends again if she ever decided to move back home to Saskatoon.  And I find myself missing her already.

Funny how much things change, yet how quickly old bonds are rebirthed (given the chance).

Grampa’s 80th Birthday!

Today was Grampa’s 80th birthday party…  and it was a really lovely event.  There must have been close to seventy  people there throughout the few hours we had the room.   Only 51 signed the guestbook, but we had 35 seats set up, and we were filled to capacity twice as folks cycled out and new guests cycled in.  At one point many of us were standing, mingling, visiting, and the seats were filled even then.  🙂

One woman in particular I recognized, but didn’t know why.  After she finished the conversation she was in, I walked up and explained that I was sure I knew here, but couldn’t place her.  Turned out she used to work with Grampa at the Compensation Board.  He used to take me with him to work all the time when I was little.  So seeing Marilyn was very neat.  Turns out she still works there, and she remembered the little girl I once was.

I got lots of photographs…  people talking, hugging, reminiscing.  None to share just now though, as I’ve got a tired wee girlie sleeping soundly on my side.  And I’d rather cuddle with my girl vs. sitting upstairs alone transferring photos to the computer.   I’m sure you understand.  😉

So another very full day.  Another night where I am very much looking forward to sleep.

Click to read my original post about my Grampa’s 80th Birthday.

A very long day…

It’s been a very long day…  Mostly because we didn’t get much sleep last night.  It was absolutely freezing here.

The pilot light started going out early in the evening, and while we thought it was odd, we lit it a couple of times and the furnace then kicked in fine.  However, by about 9:00 it went out and stayed out.  We could light it, but within about a minute it would be out again.  Of course, by this point, there was nothing we could do but wait until morning.

Thankfully the girlie was away, sleeping over at her Pop Pop and Grams’ place.  I’d have hated for her to have been here with us.  It was pretty miserable.  It was just too cold to sleep.  I was up until about 6:00 AM, when exhaustion kicked in and I finally crashed.  But even then I was only able to sleep for five or ten minute spans, as the cold would rouse me.

Damon slept pretty well all night, but was up by 7:00, and couldn’t get back to sleep…  because?  You guessed it.  Too cold.  I gave up and got up at about nine.

I have to admit, I’m awfully grateful for Damon some days.  While he may not have a romantic bone in his entire body, he is pretty handy, and good at figuring things out.  After spending a little time online he figured out what the problem was, and we hit the co-op home center.  Twelve dollars later we had heat.

So, not sleeping will make most any day seem long…  but today was jam packed and would have been long even without our frigid night.  I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight, but am guessing that morning will be here all too soon.  😉

Meet the Coordinator for Camp fYrefly 2011!

Today I have so many feelings coursing through…  Life for me has rarely been easy.  Seriously.  But today, it kind of  feels like perhaps karma may not be the bitch some folks make her out to be.

I am the new Camp Coordinator for the 2011 Camp fYrefly in Saskatchewan.  For some, that probably doesn’t mean a darn thing.  For others, I’m sure you’re jumping up and down with joy for me.

Camp fYrefly is an amazing thing.  It’s a leadership retreat for LGBTTQ youth.  Through the course of the “camp”, kids learn how to become agents for change, how to change attitudes, how to inspire others and themselves.  At risk youth, go from the threat of becoming a statistic to becoming our future.  A future of strong, healthy, empathetic, and driven people…  the kinds of people who can change our world for the better.

So…  am I excited?  You bet your ass!

I never would have dreamed that I’d have the chance to become involved, especially in such an instrumental way, with something so incredible.  Yet here I am.  Maybe, sometimes, good things DO happen to good people.  Sometimes years of struggle are rewarded.

This is going to be an amazing Summer.

Am I going to be busy?  TOTALLY.

With my photography, dog show weekends, and Camp fYrefly…  all in addition to being a mom and my commitments with the Green Party?  I’ll probably be run off my feet.  But it’s going to be amazing.  Life changing.  Sometimes finding joy is easy, and sometimes you have to shake things up a bit…  sometimes you have go out and grab it.  So I did.  And I’m so excited to get started.  Today, everything seems within the realm of possibilities.

I am good enough, and now I know others see that too.


For more information on Camp fYrefly visit:

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