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Valentine Craft – collage heart card

Today the girlie and I did a little crafting…  it had to be something we could do with the limited supplies we keep around the house, so I’m confident that most any parent will have these things around too.  All you need is a glue stick (or white glue), a catalogue (or flier or newspaper or wrapping paper or tissue paper, etc), some construction paper, and scissors.  🙂

I wasn’t actually planning on writing up instructions for this, or I’d have taken pictures as we went along.  LOL  But it turned out really cute, and thought it was the kind of thing just about any kids could do for someone special.

Rip up some pages from the catalogue.  Try to avoid words or people.  Patterns, colours, anything with visual interest is cool.  Let your kids go wild.  Keep pieces at least 2.5 cm or 1 inch squared… double that is better.

Glue all your ripped pieces onto a bit of construction paper.  Take care to cover it well.  No colour peeking through.

While you are waiting for the glue to dry, cut another piece of construction paper into a long rectangle (twice as long as it is wide).  Fold it down the short side, so that it forms a square card.

Cut a square from another piece of construction colour in an opposing or complementary colour.  Make the square an inch to two inches smaller than the folded card…  so that it fits inside while allowing a border of colour to show around it.  Glue it in place.

On the back of the original construction paper piece (with the collage on it) draw one, two, or three hearts.  Cut it/them out.

Decide on an arrangement, and glue your hearts to the card.

Write or draw a message on the inside.

Give it to someone who’s important.  😀

The wee girlie couldn’t wait for Valentines Day, and took hers with her to her sleepover tonight.  She gave it to her Pop Pop and Grams as soon as we arrived.  🙂


I helped by drawing and cutting the hearts, and cutting out the little embellishments that Lily-Ann drew for hers…  but otherwise it was all her.  🙂  I think she did a great job.  So, if this card was done by a three year old, just imagine how well bigger kids can do.  All in all, a fun way to spend 1/2 hour just having fun with your kids.

Hey!  If you end up making a collage heart card with your kids I’d love to see it.  🙂  Please upload a picture and share a link in the comments.

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