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El Politico Mommy Train

My blog tends to be a weird mash-up of topics.  I’ve taken to rambling on just about anything that gets stuck in my head.  All I can think is that it’s a consequence of being on board the mommy train.  And further to that, is that no matter what I may end up bashing out of my keyboard, I always come back to that which is most important of all:  Lily-Ann.

Regardless of what turns my life takes, or what I happen to be feeling at the moment, who I am is clarified the instant I look at my daughter.  She drives me, gives me purpose, keeps me focused, and reminds me of why I keep going.  Why we slog on through this maddening rain.

If not I?  than who?

Who better than I?

We cannot assume that if we leave things undone that someone else will pick up our torch and run with it.  If something matters, if it has value, you must see it through.

I don’t like politics.  I really don’t.  I believe that a spirit of cooperation better serves people than the two-faced, fence-sitting, bunch of suits yelling at one another or leaking unsubstantiated rumours to the ill-informed right-wing news machine…  Ugh.  I really hate politics.  I hate what it turns people into.  I hate that politicians become nothing more than puppets of their parties, unable to think, or stand, or reason for themselves.

So why am I involved?  And not just involved on the fringe?  But right there in the middle of things, president of a provincial political party involved?

If not I, then who?

Who better than I?

I believe that regular people can make a difference.  If we are vocal enough, if we speak loudly enough, if we make noise – someone will hear us.  What we say will reverberate through the halls of government, but it will only happen if we are willing to get involved, if we are willing to put ourselves out there.

So, no.  I don’t like politics.  But that’s exactly why I’m involved.  I am determined to see change happen.  I will ensure change happens.  I put myself out there – as a political candidate, as a volunteer, as a spokesperson, as a voice for reason and right.

I may not change the world, but maybe I’ll inspire the person who does.  All I know is my daughter sees me, and even if she’s the only person who does, that’s enough reason in and of itself to keep fighting.

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