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Grampa’s 80th Birthday!

Today was Grampa’s 80th birthday party…  and it was a really lovely event.  There must have been close to seventy  people there throughout the few hours we had the room.   Only 51 signed the guestbook, but we had 35 seats set up, and we were filled to capacity twice as folks cycled out and new guests cycled in.  At one point many of us were standing, mingling, visiting, and the seats were filled even then.  🙂

One woman in particular I recognized, but didn’t know why.  After she finished the conversation she was in, I walked up and explained that I was sure I knew here, but couldn’t place her.  Turned out she used to work with Grampa at the Compensation Board.  He used to take me with him to work all the time when I was little.  So seeing Marilyn was very neat.  Turns out she still works there, and she remembered the little girl I once was.

I got lots of photographs…  people talking, hugging, reminiscing.  None to share just now though, as I’ve got a tired wee girlie sleeping soundly on my side.  And I’d rather cuddle with my girl vs. sitting upstairs alone transferring photos to the computer.   I’m sure you understand.  😉

So another very full day.  Another night where I am very much looking forward to sleep.

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