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You can’t always get what you want…

I’ve got that tune on repeat in my head…

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find…  you get what you need.

I really honestly do my best to try to ensure clients are able to get booked in for their photography sessions on the days and times that work best for them.  It’s not always easy, and sometimes, when I should just say no, I will book a session for a time that works for them even when it doesn’t really work for me.  Will I do so for someone who’s less than sweet?  Nope.  😉  But for clients who really are just hoping for something special to commemorate their families or the love they share with that someone who completes them?  You bet.  So it really does hurt my heart, when someone insinuates that I’ve screwed them out of an appointment time they feel they deserve.

I deal with my business emails in bunches.  I sit down, usually in the late A.M. and start going through them.  These days, there are rarely fewer than twenty messages, and I do my best to get to them all in a timely manner.  Often there are questions, or concerns raised, sometimes it’s just a straightforward booking…  but even those take at least ten minutes each.

So…  when I reply to someone with a list of CURRENTLY available times within their requested dates, some of those times may end up booked as quickly as looking at the next email.  That’s why I always ask people to reply with their top choices (vs. just one preferred appointment).  I answer email in the order they arrive, and email always gets priority over phone messages.  I am NEVER going to just give someone else the appointment time that another client has chosen out of spite.  If someone else ends up with the appointment time that you had hoped for, it was simply because they requested it first.  And I am sorry when someone misses out on their  preferred session date/time…  but it happens, and it’s never personal.

I’m just a person, folks.  I’m doing my best.  And I will always do what I can to ensure things work as well as possible for my clients.  I am only one person, and I can only book one session at any given time.  The fact that you’ve chosen ME to capture those precious memories means a lot to me.  It really is a covenant of great trust, and it’s not something I take lightly.  But sometimes?  I just feel like sending people a song:




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