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Baby A’s First Photoshoot

I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely family of three – two thirds of which are completely enamoured with the newest third, as it should be.  It really was an absolute delight.  All three were completely natural and relaxed in front of the camera, and for the most part were able to just be themselves…  forgetting that I was sticking my nose in all sorts of interesting places.

So Baby A, I’d like to take this moment to say:  “You nailed it!”  Nice job.  You could have a future in front of a camera.  😉

Scraptastic Saturday – Blog Train!

Hey everyone!  I’m going to be real quick here.  Poor wee girlie has the chicken pox…  or, as she calls them, “chicken spots”.  So I’m awfully tired.  Didn’t know it was possible to get them in all the places they’ve managed to show up.  I have to admit, I’m awfully glad the girl is asleep now.  She needed to get some rest.


Crystal, of Sugar Pie Scraps (selling exclusively at Polka Dot Plum), is celebrating her Designiversary this weekend.  She’s been working as a designer for a year now!  Hard to believe she has so many amazing kits when she’s only been doing this for a year.  Her stuff is absolutely awesome.

To celebrate, the Sugar Pie Chefs are hosting a blog train.  Hop on board at the first stop and work your way through all the links to pick up some awesome free goodies.

Sugar Pie Scraps
Sugar Pie Chef Bobbie
Sugar Pie Guest Chef Kate
Sugar Pie Chef Blogger Casey
Sugar Pie Chef Mira
Sugar Pie Chef Jessica
Sugar Pie Chef Becky

Happy Anniversary Crystal!  Here’s to many, many more!!!  😀

Telling Stories

I’ve always been a story teller.  As far back as I can remember, I’ve been telling tales.  When other kids brought things from home (like a new toy, or their stamp collection) to share during show and tell, I’d make up glorious adventures about dragons, and ogres, and trolls, and unicorns.  I really can’t remember a time when fantasy didn’t draw me in totally and completely.

When asked to read aloud in class, I did so with vigor and excitement.  My voice filled with drama reflecting the mood of the story.  It never occurred to me there was another way to read.  I told my own stories with fervor, why would I not give the same commitment to the words of another?

I remember the first time I read out loud in grade eight.  It was a significant point for me.  I’d transferred to a new school that year, and for the first time I was in a class full of kids who didn’t know me from Adam.  I began reading, filled with pride – I was always such a great orator.  When the class erupted in laughter I was completely taken aback.  I remember pausing, looking around to see what had everyone in stitches.  When I didn’t see anything, I picked up where I’d left off.

The teacher cut me off when the class fell apart into peels of laughter for the second time.  I’ll never forget her words:  “Maybe we should let someone  else have a turn.”  It was at that moment that I realized that the laughter was directed at me.  Me.

I sat down, completely in shock.  Everyone had always been in such awe of my tremendous reading and narration  skills.  This was one of the few intellectual areas where I had truly excelled.  I was an advanced reader, and had always impressed my peers.  So the fact that this area of pride was – in this new arena – an embarrassment was… well…  dumbfounding.

I learned quickly to dumb myself down when talking to people.  No one wanted to be outshone…  especially by a girl.  There were only eight girls and forty boys in the two grade eight classes in the school.  And the girls all seemed to take pride in their lack of intelligence.  It really was a turning year for me.  Strange, and peculiar in so many ways.

I love now having the chance to again be reading fantasy adventure…  with excitement, emotion, and enthusiasm.  The way these stories were meant to be read.  Giving value to each line.  Giving voice to every character.

The wee girlie loves reading “chapters” at night with me.  Tonight we couldn’t help but read four (rather than our usual two).  We’re at an exceptionally exciting part of the story…  and it can be hard to put it down.  Lily-Ann may only be three, but I never have to worry about dumbing down a story for her – like I used to do for those eight graders.  We relish the experience together, and I know she’s in for a life-time passion for the written word.  It’s something that thrills me totally and completely.

We’re currently on book three of the Keyholders series.  And I heartily recommend every book we’ve read so far.  There have been times that she has jumped, cried out empathetically, busted a gut laughing…  She’ll shout out:  “It’s a dragon!!!”  “Bring bells!!!  You need bells to scare them away!!!”  “The queen is coming!  RUN!!!!”  And that says sooo much to me about the quality of this series.  It’s one I’m sure she’ll come back to when she’s able to read it herself.  For now though, I’m happy it’s something we can share together.

It’s been a hard day.

Today has actually been a really hard day.  I’ve moved from being angry over this whole thing with the GPC to just being sad.  I can’t help it.  I feel I’ve let down so many folks.  The whole situation has made a liar out of me, and that’s not something I take lightly.

Because of being away, I’m behind in my work…  so I’m seriously busting my butt to get caught up.  Which means I’m tired too.

Then, I pick up the girlie from school only to find out that she has wrecked the hemp necklace and bracelet I gave her (that I had given her just that morning).  Now…  she didn’t do so from a negative place.  She took them apart so she could share the pretty flowered beads and semi-precious stones with her friends.  But that didn’t change the fact that it hurt my heart having her destroy something I gave her.  So we had to have a talk about how mommy-presents matter, and wrecking or giving away mommy-presents can hurt mommy….  which just added to the craptasticness of the entire day.

So I’m tired, I’m sad, and I’m just worn out.  Not a great day.

Then tonight, my Dad called me.  It wasn’t about anything big or important…  He called to tell me that he  bought some tiger tiger ice cream for the girl.  So that when we come by for a visit, he’ll have a treat ready.  And that was a good thing on a day when I desperately needed a good thing.

Thanks Dad.  Thanks for thinking of us when you didn’t have to be doing so.  And thanks for buying a special treat with the girlie in mind.  And thanks again, for calling just to say “HI” and to let us know.

It’s been a hard day…  but that was a good thing.


A Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich.

South Park had it right.  Sometimes it can feel like your vote comes down to a choice between a giant douche or a turd sandwich.  More than anything, what we need in this country is electoral reform.  We need a system that stops pitting politicians and parties against one another.  We need a system that allows for cooperative governing.  Where we can discuss the issues of importance, rather than just bludgeon one another over the head with nastiness and other inappropriate conduct.

After everything that has happened in regards to my own candidacy (click here for details) with the Green Party of Canada, I am no longer confident in them either.  Their internal workings leave much to be desired, and this has only proven to me that the party isn’t ready for a chance at true governance.  However, Elizabeth May still has my support – totally and completely.

So…  choices boil down to this:  a Giant Douche, a Turd Sandwich, a Sweatervested Skidmark,  or a Wicked-Awesome Woman.  Normally I don’t advocate voting based on a party’s leadership.  But this time?  I really think that’s what it has to come down to.  So?  Who will you throw your support behind?

Giant Douche or Turd – a Wiki article

As the kids of South Park learn…  it doesn’t really matter if you’ve voted for the winning party.  What matters is that you took part.  Every vote counts, so you might as well vote with your conscience.  Win or lose, at least you will have won the right to complain.  😉


Battleford Dog Show Recap

I was going to start out this post with “now that I’m better rested…”  …but honestly?  I’m still just as tired tonight as I was last night.  So I figure I might as well get on with it anyway, as that’s not likely to change any time soon.  😉

Battleford, as always, was a great show.  Great venue, great friends, great dogs…  It really is one of my favourite little Prairie dog shows.

This weekend saw my friend Chris get a group first with his Norrbottenspets, Jasper – who is now a Canadian Champion.  And this Group 1 is only the fifth such placement EVER for a Norrbottenspets in Canada.  So HUGE congratulations are definitely in order.

Another huge congratulations is owed to Haille, my friend Lisa Amos’ daughter, and their Chihuahua Chevy.  Chevy (with Haille on the other end of the lead) earned himself a Best Puppy in Show – not just once, but TWICE!

Marnie (aka Hileigh’s Prairie Sunrise), my Chihuahua puppy who I co-own with Emilie Flynn of Hileigh’s Chihuahuas did great for her very first weekend out.  She was nervous, and hasn’t yet hit her stride…  but every trip into the ring she found more and more confidence.  Still lots of work to do, but we’ll get there.  She came home with two points and many HUGE compliments from judges, and dog fanciers alike.

All in all?  A very good weekend.

Jewles, my little sister, served as photographer.  Here’s the very last shot she snagged.  It’s nothing amazing to look at, not at first glance anyway.

Chevy and Marnie competing for Best of Breed

In order: Chevy, Haille, Marnie, and me.


Now…  look a lot closer…  Check out Marnie’s movement.  She is freaking awesome!  LOL  All four feet off the floor:

a fabulous movement shot

Marnie on the Move!


Great job Jewles, movement on such a tiny dog isn’t easy to capture, and you did it!

Marnie seriously is such an awesome mover…  I’m so proud to be able to call this little girl mine.  Structure, brains, temperament too, not much more a fancier could ask for.  Can you tell I’m a little taken with her?  LOL

Anyway, time to call it a night.  Need some cuddling time with my sleeping girlie.  Good night everyone!


Home Sweet Home!

After a long few days, I’m back home.  Safe and sound.  In fact, I’m currently laying in bed next to my sleeping girl – who’s fingers are resting on my ear.

I love dog shows, but I also love coming home afterward.

To all my photography clients and Camp fYrefly supporters and volunteers:  I will be spending the next few days working through all my email and phone messages.  Please be patient with me.  I will get back to each and every one of you as soon as I’m able.

For now, I’m logging off.  Lots of news from the Battleford show to share… but honestly?  I’m just too darn tired to share it.  😉  Hope you’ll forgive me.  I’ll do my best to give you a run down on the weekend’s event tomorrow – after a little rest.


LGBTT2QIA – Gender Flux

For many people, gender is something that is in constant flux.  Changing and evolving – just as we ourselves change, grow, and evolve.  This changing is one of the reasons I am not in favour of gender labels (amoungst the many other labels I also disapprove of).

When we are young, or still coming to terms with who we are, gender labels can be useful.  But they are just as likely to be binding, and constrictive, and not really indicative of who we are as individuals.  What I do find interesting is how our label for the “gender variant” community has grown and changed.

A quick aside here?  I don’t like the term gender variant either – at least not as I’ve had to use it above.  After all…  we are ALL variants.  There is no “normal” gender except to be comfortable in who you are, regardless of your sex/gender identity.

LGB became

LGBT became

LGBTQ became

LGBTTQ became

LGBTTQI became


All which can appear with or without the “A” at the end.  And who knows where we will evolve from here.

Gender is about knowing oneself.  And for those who insist, with fervor, that they are only two genders and that they themselves are clearly one or another…  How many of you “ladies” wear blue?  How many of you “guys” take care of children?  Gender is a social construct insisting that traits fall into one category or another.  Any variant from those traditional roles is gender variant.  So, I insist, gender is about knowing oneself, and being comfortable within your self.

Labels are only useful so you know what’s in a closed box without having to open it.  Labels don’t belong on people.

GETTING on the road again…

Busy day today.

Got a whole whack of disks out ready to be picked up from the photo shoots I’d done the last couple of weeks.  Did them up differently than what I’d done in the past, and I’m very happy with them.  Laser inscribed, coloured disks in matching coloured sleeves.  I figure beautiful pictures should be delivered in a beautiful package…  and now they are.  It took a little work to get all the kinks out of the new system, but I am very happy with the end result.

Created an ad for TD Photography.  It’s a little half page black and white one that will run in this years PRIDE Guide.  We always attend as many events as possible during PRIDE Week every year, so I’m super excited to have TD Photography in the guide AND to be helping to organize the Gay Latte poetry night this year.

Did almost all the grocery shopping for the dog show.  All I have left to buy is bait at the deli.  Sliced chicken loaf.  The dogs always go gaga for it…  and the only time they ever get any is at a dog show.

Sewed up a new x-pen surround.  I’d bought the material last year, but never got around to actually putting it together.  So I’m glad it’s finished.  It will be much prettier than just draping baby blankets over the crate and pen.

Laundry all finished up and folded too.  So come tomorrow, I’ll be ready to pack, and both DH and the girl will have plenty of clothes so I don’t have to worry about what they’ll wear whilst I’m away.

I’m always completely exhausted by the time I actually leave for a show.  It takes a ton of work to get everything ready.  Once upon a time (before child, before jobs) it was a relatively simple thing…  and everything could easily be accomplished the day I left.  Not any more.  LOL  Heck, I’ll even be taking work WITH  me to do at the show during my very limited down time.  Just because I’m away, doesn’t mean the world stops.  Still lots to do on both my Camp fYrefly and TD Photography plates.

Well…  I’m one tired chick.  Time to rest.

Night all!

Sweet dreams.

Battleford Here We Come!

The dog show season is officially upon us.  Yep, the Battleford show is just around the corner.  We head out on Thursday evening, Marnie (the Chihuahua), Jewles (my sister) and me.

I really do love dog shows…  seriously.  I love everything about them.  I love the road trips.  I love traveling with the dogs.  I love being in the ring.  I love getting the dogs ready for the ring.  I love how single-minded and focused life is for those few days.  I love seeing, and visiting with, all my favourite dog people.  I love dog shows.  They are absolutely exhausting…  but they are worth it.

Today we did some shopping.  I picked up a couple shirts, and a new skirt at the Sally Ann (thrift store).  Tomorrow we’ll have to purchase and pack up all the food we’ll need for the weekend.  Thursday it will be time to pack all the clothes, toiletries, and dog stuff…  and that same day (after Jewles’ is home from school) I’ll take Lily-Ann to her Pop Pop and Grams’ place for a two night sleepover, pick up Bug (which is what I’ve called Jewles since she was just a wee thing), and hit the road.

It’s gonna be awesome!

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