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Bento Boxes?

It appears that if I’d sat down to write my blog post as soon as I’d arrived home from this evenings Camp fYrefly board meeting I’d have had a ton to say.  I thought, that if I took a few minutes to just relax with my husband next to my sleeping daughter, that I’d still have as much to say.  I was wrong.

Now, my brain is tired.  My brain is pooped.  My brain is ready to sleep.  Perhaps, a small part of my brain has already gone to sleep.  😉

So instead of sharing all the exciting things we have done, all the exciting things on the horizon?  Instead, I’m going to write a brief post on Bento Boxes.  LMAO  That’s right.  Bento boxes.

I want one.

We eat supper during our board meetings.  And being on the board, and on the committees who report to the board, that’s a lot of supper-time meetings.  I’m currently using one of my moms tupperware containers.  Just a pink plastic round thing with three compartments.  And, while it does work.  It’s my moms, and it’s tupperware.  😉  So I would like a bento box.  Which is basically just a nice version of what I’m using (and it would be mine, so I could return my moms container to her).

Sooo….  got a lead on a bento box for me?  I’d prefer to shop local if possible.  But I haven’t had any luck just yet.

I love this one:  http://cgi.ebay.ca/Japanese-Bento-Box-Black-Strawberry-Shokado-Chopsticks-/110684421250

But I’d really like to keep this purchase under $20.  Isn’t it a gorgeous set though?  Mmmm…  love it!  LOL

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