Daily Archives: July 5, 2011


I honestly never thought I’d see legislation like this passed during my lifetime.  It was too much to hope for.  Let’s hope that California merely leads the way, and soon the rest of North America follows.  It would be a dream to have my daughter and her friends grow up learning about the amazing LGBT men and women who led the way to freedom, and those who who still continue the fight for equality.




I honestly have tears rolling down my cheeks over this.

I really do wonder if you…

…are getting sick of reading about my exhaustion?  Because you know what?  I’m exhausted.  😉

I can’t help it.  After working at home all day, picking the girlie up after she got home from the lake with my mom, then attending TWO board meetings?  Well…  I’m exhausted.  And I’m likely to stay that way – at least until the end of August.  LOL  At which point I may consider going into hibernation until Spring.  I’ll keep you posted.

Things with Camp fYrefly are progressing.  It’s starting to get super excited.  We’ve been looking at applications, choosing campers, youth leaders, and adult volunteers…  We have a program in place with amazing presenters.  We’re filling swag bags, and buying gifts.  We’re working on our program booklet, and planning for daily yoga sessions.  We’re getting things ready for what will be the best leadership retreat yet!  I am SOOO excited, are you?

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