Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

It may be early…

…but I am exhausted.

So, it seems that days when my daughter is home with me, I’m able to get little of consequence actually accomplished.  Hmmm…  Yet those same days are always my most exhausting.  Even more so than the days when I put in 10 – 13 hours of actually focused work.  I love these days – the lazy hazy dayz.  But as it stands?  I’ve got way too much to do to spend days just playing with the girlie without getting anything done.  That said?  I have a plan.

Yes, a plan.  A plan that will (knock on wood, cross your fingers, throw a penny over your left shoulder, turn around three times, spit with your eyes closed, slap whomever is closest to you on the cheek) allow me to spend quality time home with my daughter WHILE getting the work done that I need to.

The girlie is heading out to the lake tomorrow for a couple of days (with my mom).  Hopefully this will provide me with the needed time to enact said plan.  So that upon her return, we are good to go.  LOL

Wish me luck!

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