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A few more days please…

Anyone mind tacking on a few extra days here before September is over?  I’ve got a few things I need to wrap up still, and well…  I could really use a few extra days to get it all done.  Anyone?  I seem to have lost my magic wand, figure someone out there probably has one stashed somewhere.  Right?

Hello?  Anyone?


I am disappointed.

During these last few weeks I have wrestled with a number of things in relation to the Green Party of Saskatchewan.  I have always been open and honest, and I will continue to be so.  I don’t like politics, I don’t like what it does to people… yet I continue on in my role as President of the provincial Green Party, and as a candidate whenever called upon.  After all, if I were to step down, I’d be letting the politicians win – and they’ve already shown their colours.  I can’t, in good conscience, leave the politics to the politicians.

I believe in the Green Party.  I believe in our principles.  I believe people can make a difference.  I cling to the ideal that we are better when we work together, and that we can accomplish anything.  I believe in honest open discussion.  I believe that we can move past our mistakes to become better.  I must hold fast to the notion that we will bring about change.  But today?  Today I am disheartened.

I just deleted eight paragraphs from this blog post.  Eight Paragraphs!  The fact of the matter is that there are things going on of which I am not proud.  I am concerned.  And for one particular thing I am down right embarrassed.  If my daughter treated someone as shabbily as some members of the provincial Greens have treated a former candidate and leadership contender she would be up for a stern discussion, at the end of which you could be darn sure she would never treat someone that poorly again.

I hate politics.  I hate what it does to people.  Can we not stand on different sides of an issue, on different sides of a campaign, yet still treat one another with respect and dignity?  We are all in the same boat… and it appears to be taking on water.  😦

New Glass!

My Nikkor AF 80-200mm 1:2.8 zoom lens has arrived!  yippee skippee!

This is one of my dream lenses, and I’m sooo looking forward to finding a bit of time to head out into the field with it.  I’m booked solid for the next week and a bit… but then things will slow down to my preferred schedule (3 or 4 shoots a week).  And yes, I will mainly be using the majority of my time on backlogged edits.  But I’ll also be ensuring I get a chance to try out my newest acquisition as well.  After all, it’s no good buying your dream lens if you don’t get to actually use it.  😀

I think I may finally have to give in and purchase a monopod too, prior to getting out with my new glass.  This thing weighs a ton, and while yes, my tripod would support it, I prefer a little more freedom of movement.  So a monopod may be just the thing.

A gripe about online merchants.

Yep.  I’m going to gripe.  Not at all what I usually do on this blog.  I much prefer to focus on the positive.  However this happened to me TWICE today.  And I’m not happy about it.

I found the perfect Christmas gift for one of my sisters.  She would have just keeled over.  It would have stopped her heart and then – after being revived – she’d have jumped around the room.  It was THAT good.  I added it to my shopping cart, and went to pay.  Started entering my information, got to “state” and went to scroll through the list of locations…  No Saskatchewan.  Now, occasionally an online vendor simply makes a mistake and only includes US states in their list – and if you contact them you find out they do indeed (like most vendors) ship to Canada.  So I clicked to enter into an online chat.  But no.  This vendor does not ship to Canada.  Disappointment number one.  😦

Ready for Disappointment number two?

I have been wanting a family necklace since my daughter was born.  Something I could wear that symbolized the love shared between Damon, Lily-Ann, and myself.  For our fifteenth anniversary, my husband promised me said necklace.  All three of us have been looking for the right one for a little while now…  and we finally found it.  My daughter loves it, my husband loves it, I love it.  It couldn’t be more perfect if it was crafted specifically for us.  It is everything we could have hoped for.  It makes my heart sing just looking at it – and knowing my husband and daughter love it as much as I do fills me with joy.  So, with all of us in agreement, we put it in our shopping cart and click “check out”.

I begin filling out our information.  I put in which stones we need.  I put in our names and our address.  I select “Saskatchewan”.  A window pops up.  It informs me that they will not ship to a Canadian address, but if I follow the link shown in the pop up window that I can put an order in with their Canadian store.

Guess what?  This perfect pendant.  The one that makes my heart sing.  The one that we spent hours and hours looking for.  The one that couldn’t be more ideal if it were designed specifically for us.  It’s not available on their Canadian website (where everything is twice the price of the US site, in spite of the fact that our dollars are worth pretty close to the same thing).

Do I feel like crying?  You bet.

I actually told my husband that I couldn’t even look any more.  That he should just find something he likes and buy it.  😦  Do I feel like a bit of a baby over this?  yep.  But I can’t really help it.

If you don’t ship to Canada say so in a prominent place.  “Ships to US Addresses Only.”  That’s not hard.

Bunch of jerks.  😦

I’m going to go pout in a corner.  I’m not a happy mommy.

Leadership Race

Victor Lau won the Leadership race for the Green Party of Saskatchewan.

Nothing else to say right now.  Gonna watch a bit of TV on DVD with my husband.

Larry Waldinger: GPS Leadership Candidate

Before proceeding to Larry Waldinger’s answers to my seven questions for our leadership candidates I wanted to issue a quick apology.  I had intended to post his response yesterday, but time just seemed to get away from me.  For that, I am sorry.

Victor Lau has yet to respond.

What inspired you to put your name forward for party leadership?

I sensed that it would help the party and my campaign at the same time. Also, some people I spoke to were enthusiastic about me running.

What one issue do you feel should be the priority for our provincial election platform?

It is hard to separate which is more important people and planet or planet and people. If we don’t come to grips with climate change it will cause a lot of damage to the planet and a lot of misery to the people, so what I like to say is that climate change is our “signature issue”. If I had to choose I would say that climate change is the thing, but we need to balance a little sacrifice now with avoiding mass misery later.

How will you juggle work, family, and leadership duties leading into the provincial election?

I will balance all of my responsibilities the way I have been and the way I continue to do each day. It’s not that complicated. I will work hard at all of my responsibilities. My union (ATU615) has negotiated the luxury for its members of being able to arrange time off from work, so I am able to put my work responsibility on the back burner for a while. In fact I have been doing that for some time. That makes the juggling act much more easy.

Can you please tell us a little about what first brought you into “a life political”?

I felt an overwhelming need to do something about the many crisis facing us. I started with a donation to the GPS, followed it with an offer of volunteer help, and it all just seemed to flow naturally to where I am at now.

When did you first identify as a Green?

I think it is in my DNA

Why should we vote for you?

People should vote for me because of the passion, energy, and innovation that I have already brought to the table. Since 2010 I have been active, loyal, and dedicated to the GPS. I have experience in leadership positions. Same applies to my candidacy in the Saskatchewan general election to be held on November 7, 2011.

Where can we go to learn a little more about you?

Google me, click on one of the many links below, or use some of the contact information below to contact me directly:


Mobile: 306-717-7275


Blog :


Bio Info:


Twitter: @VoteLarryW

Or may I suggest to you that you go to the leadership convention…

Larry Waldinger

Thanks, TD

Brendan Cross: GPS Leadership Candidate

The first Green Party of Saskatchewan leadership candidate to reply to my “seven questions” email was Brendan Cross, Larry Waldinger emailed his reply shortly after (and I will share his answers a little later today).  We are still waiting to hear from Victor Lau, but I’m sure he’ll have his answers off soon.  In the mean time, let’s hear from Brendan Cross:

Thanks, Tobi-Dawne, for the email.

What inspired you to put your name forward for party leadership?

I was inspired by the principles and past platforms or the party and believed that the former leader’s grievances for leaving the position were, to me, the opposite of the truth.  The opportunity to work with a developing team of individuals who are running such good campaigns seemed really attractive to me.

What one issue do you feel should be the priority for our provincial election platform?

I think the priority should be put on the issue of providing free education to post-secondary students should be the priority, but not to the extent of neglecting our anti-nuclear stance.  The Green Party is the choice of the majority of young people under the age of 25 and I think this should be the ideal time for them to vote.

How will you juggle work, family, and leadership duties leading into the provincial election?

I view providing poltical advice as my work, so leadership duties would simply be my work.  I’m prepared for a six-week election campaign and have a plan for the leader.

Can you please tell us a little about what first brought you into “a life political”?

Does one choose politics?  Or does politics choose you?  I’ve found that when a political opportunity presents itself in an obvious sort of way, it is great to take advantage of the season while it lasts- and hope it lasts for a while.  In the past decade, I have had my share of political activity and love the thought that I may be back in the game, so to speak.

When did you first identify as a Green?

While for years I kept informed on the policies of all the major parties, it was this past year that I really admired Elizabeth May’s success and her stance against the war in Libya.  The more I looked at the party, the more I realized it stands for my core beliefs and reflects my own thoughts on many issues.  It was not hard for me to join the party and accept the offer to be a candidate.

Why should we vote for you?

I hope that the skills I am currently utilizing are what the party needs regarding leadership.  If it is a good fit I will be pleased.  One way or another, there will be a leader, and one way or another I will continue to use my skill set as best I can.

Where can we go to learn a little more about you?

My website is always the number one result in a google search for my name, and it includes my book and newspaper articles and speeches.  And I am always available on Facebook, too.

7 Questions for our GPS Leadership Candidates

Yesterday evening I put together a list of seven questions for each of the Green Party of Saskatchewan leadership candidates.  They were emailed to each candidate, and as they reply, I will be posting their answers here at TD365.  Hopefully this will help us all get to know these gentlemen a little better.  If their responses generate more questions for you, please feel free to post a reply on the blog.  I encourage active open discussion, it is the only road to democracy.

Fauxtographers Beware!

A fellow photog shared this website with me… and I have to admit, it had me giggling at times and blurting out loud at others.  Some of these shots by fauxtogs may only truly be appreciated by my fellow photogs, but there are many, many shots that anyone who enjoys photography will get a total hoot out of.

I figured we all could use a lighthearted break.  I’m feeling exhausted (only got an hour of sleep last night over the stress of it all) and overextended.  So for me, this website was a welcome break.  I feel better after going through 17 pages – and will likely go through another few still tonight.  Sometimes we all need a brain break… and this was perfect.

So…  as to the title of this post?  If you are a fauxtog?  Watch out.  “You Are Not a Photographer” might just be sharing one of your photography faux pas next.

Green Party of Saskatchewan Leadership Election

The candidates for party leader are:

  • Larry Waldinger (nominated by Tobi-Dawne Smith, Robert Forsyth, Penny Swartz, Vicki Strelioff), 
  • Brendan Cross (nominated by Penny Swartz, Vicki Strelioff, Robert Forsyth, Tobi-Dawne Smith), and
  • Victor Lau (nominated by Owen Swiderski, Mike Wright, David Orban).

The candidates for deputy leader are: 

  • Amber Jones (nominated by Tobi-Dawne Smith, Vicki Strelioff, Robert Forsyth, Penny Swartz), 
  • Owen Swiderski (nominated by Victor Lau, Mike Wright, Amelia Swiderski), and 
  • Mark Bigland-Pritchard (nominated by Amber Jones, Vicki Strelioff, Robert Forsyth, Penny Swartz).

For those who are available, the Special Leadership Meeting and Election will be held in Regina, this Sunday, at the Glencairn Neighbourhood Recreation Center (2626 Dewdney Avenue East) from 9-5.  The election itself will be occurring after lunch at 1:00.

If you are not able to attend the meeting, we still want to hear from you!  Your voice, your vote, matters!  The Green Party of Saskatchewan is a true grassroots party, run by it’s membership.  A ballot is available for download here:  …along with the instructions for casting a distance vote.   If you have trouble with the download, or have questions or concerns about the voting procedure, please feel welcome to email Amber Jones at

For more information on the meeting and the candidates visit and

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