Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

A long and tiring day…

It felt like a long and tiring day…  only…  it really wasn’t a SUPER busy day.  Sure, it was a full day.  I got a fair bit of work done (spent some time on Green Party of Saskatchewan businesses, spent some time on Camp fYrefly wrap-up, spent some time on edits and enhancements for TD Photography, and spent some time just being a mom)…  but it wasn’t like I was going out of my mind running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  A lot of work, but time to breathe too.  Tonight though?  Tonight I’m tired.  Not just in body, but in mind.  I’m exhausted, but relatively peaceful too.  And that’s something I haven’t felt for a little while now.

Kids get it!

It gives me hope knowing that kids get it.


Way to go Rick Mercer!

Rick Mercer throws his voice behind the throngs protesting against the anti-GSA stance taken in Catholic Schools.

GSAs save lives, and that alone makes them a valuable part of any school.


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