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Note to self: Choose colours you OWN.

So…  I’m planning two four generation photo shoots which will happen concurrently.  I will photograph my cousin Jamie, her son Finn, my Auntie Kathie, and GG (mine and Jamie’s Grandma, Lily-Ann and Finn’s Great Grandma, and Auntie Kathie and my mom’s Mom).  Jamie will photograph me, the girlie, Mom and GG.  This has been in the works since Mother’s Day.  It is a gift for Mom, Auntie Kathie, and GG.  So Jamie will burn three discs, and so will I.

Now.  Pretty much from the get go, we figured we’d do an Autumn shoot.  I have to admit, I’m always shocked when clients want an outdoor, mid-day, Summer appointment.  It takes a special kinda crazy to actually WANT to be out in that heat (of course, I’m right there with them, camera in hand – anything for the right shot).  But there was no way I was about to get in front of a camera on a day like that.  😉  Besides, Autumn is just sooo much lovelier for any number of reasons.  So we waited.

The day is chosen.  So is the time.  And I’ve got a location in mind too (some place I don’t usually shoot – figure I should mix it up a bit).  Then what do I suggest?  Let’s keep it casual (that’s not the bad part.  Jeans and nice shirts is perfect photo shoot attire), wearing the colours of the season:  browns, rusts, oranges, olives.  The problem?  I don’t own a “nice” shirt in any of these colours.  LMAO  And this evening when I went shopping at the Sally Ann (a non-profit thrift store) they had NADA!

Okay.  Lesson learned.  Don’t suggest colours you don’t own!

Sure, I’ve got lots of rusts and oranges.  They’re some of my best colours.  But they’re all t-shirts that I’ve worn to the point that they are just WAY too grubby to consider for this use.  Gardening?  Sure.  Walking the girl to school?  You bet.  Playing with the dogs?  No problem.  Four generation photographs?  Not on your life.

This means I can try again at another store tomorrow (the shoot is on Saturday), or I can just wear a zip up sweater over whatever.  Now.  I like my zip up sweater.  It’s an olive green with a rust and yellow argyle pattern on the front.  I actually love this sweater.  But it’s another one that’s mostly good for hacking around.  But hey!  It’s the right colours.  LMAO  And as long as I stay tucked in the back it might blend okay.  Oh boy.

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