Daily Archives: September 21, 2011

Fauxtographers Beware!

A fellow photog shared this website with me… and I have to admit, it had me giggling at times and blurting out loud at others.  Some of these shots by fauxtogs may only truly be appreciated by my fellow photogs, but there are many, many shots that anyone who enjoys photography will get a total hoot out of.


I figured we all could use a lighthearted break.  I’m feeling exhausted (only got an hour of sleep last night over the stress of it all) and overextended.  So for me, this website was a welcome break.  I feel better after going through 17 pages – and will likely go through another few still tonight.  Sometimes we all need a brain break… and this was perfect.

So…  as to the title of this post?  If you are a fauxtog?  Watch out.  “You Are Not a Photographer” might just be sharing one of your photography faux pas next.

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