I am disappointed.

During these last few weeks I have wrestled with a number of things in relation to the Green Party of Saskatchewan.  I have always been open and honest, and I will continue to be so.  I don’t like politics, I don’t like what it does to people… yet I continue on in my role as President of the provincial Green Party, and as a candidate whenever called upon.  After all, if I were to step down, I’d be letting the politicians win – and they’ve already shown their colours.  I can’t, in good conscience, leave the politics to the politicians.

I believe in the Green Party.  I believe in our principles.  I believe people can make a difference.  I cling to the ideal that we are better when we work together, and that we can accomplish anything.  I believe in honest open discussion.  I believe that we can move past our mistakes to become better.  I must hold fast to the notion that we will bring about change.  But today?  Today I am disheartened.

I just deleted eight paragraphs from this blog post.  Eight Paragraphs!  The fact of the matter is that there are things going on of which I am not proud.  I am concerned.  And for one particular thing I am down right embarrassed.  If my daughter treated someone as shabbily as some members of the provincial Greens have treated a former candidate and leadership contender she would be up for a stern discussion, at the end of which you could be darn sure she would never treat someone that poorly again.

I hate politics.  I hate what it does to people.  Can we not stand on different sides of an issue, on different sides of a campaign, yet still treat one another with respect and dignity?  We are all in the same boat… and it appears to be taking on water.  😦

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Tobi-Dawne Smith is many things to many people... photographer, canine behaviour expert, equal rights activist, green politician, lactivist, intactivist, writer, crafter, dog handler, third wave feminist, etc. But most important in her life is her role as mother to an amazing five year old. Learn more about TD at http://www.tobi-dawne.com/ follow her blog at https://td365.wordpress.com/ get to know her daughter at http://lilyannslemonade.wordpress.com/ or check out her work at http://tdphotography.me/

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  1. You’re focusing on the negative, instead of the great positives in our party right now. We have a new leader who has promised to work harder than our last, and is bound to bring us greater success at getting the Green’s message out to the voters.
    Consider that not everyone who joins our party, becomes a candidate quickly, then quickly leaves again after losing an internal party vote, is actually suited to be a candidate. Where you place the blame for this blip is betraying your thinking about what happened. If you crashed a wedding, and invited yourself to speak at the reception, would you blame the bride if she asked you to leave?

    • Your representation of this individual as a wedding crasher is completely flawed. To continue the wedding theme: this was an invited guest. Asked to speak and make a toast… then some other unruly guest (who I would hope was only acting poorly after having too much to drink) began jeering, yelling out rude remarks, and trying to incite others to the same.

      Our party benefited from this individuals dedication. And Lau, whom you revere so highly, put his trust in this individual as well… rightly so. He did many good things on our behalf, and to see him treated so poorly reflects very badly on those who did so.

      As I’ve said previously. I am glad you are so confident in Victor… however, he is hardly a man behind which the Greens will unite. I do wish him luck though, and hope for his success in this endeavour – as his success would be a success for us all.

      • “Our party benefited from this individuals [sic] dedication”

        Maybe we’re talking about different people then. The person I mean joined this Summer then felt qualified to be party leader a month later. There is no party in Canada where that is acceptable, or considered “dedication”.

      • We are speaking of Brendan Cross, a man who put his name forward to ensure there was a leadership race – something that benefits the party and allows for democracy. He put in a ton of work behind the scenes the last couple of months, working to further the GPS. Victor had even asked him to be a part of the official campaign team for the Greens, and he was fulfilling a very demanding role dealing with media and public inquiries. Brendan had shown his dedication and put in far more work than many who have been party members for years. He deserves thanks and respect for all he has done.

      • A man so dedicated that after he was asked, he quit the party? Very dedicated.

      • He left us, not due to a lack of dedication, but after the attacks wouldn’t stop. He felt it was in the best interest of the party. He left to appease those who might otherwise tear us apart.

    • It is hard to see the positive due to certain individuals within the party who feel they have some magical power in a democratic party to determine who should be allowed in and who should not. Lau is a great individual but a strong leader? I’m not sure due to his inability to donate the time required in order to take the Green party to the next level.

      • Suggesting Lau doesn’t have the time or dedication to the Green Party, after TDS claimed his departed contender had dedication, is so plainly absurd I had to point it out to you.

  2. I do not know much about said individual beyond the news reports but this idea he crashed a political party is a joke and simply a sign that many around Lau are going to bring this party down. The Green party is a political party meaning anybody can join at anytime! I’m pretty scared if certain individuals think that in a democratic party they have some inherent right to decide who should be allowed in as a member and who should be allowed to run. That is not democracy and those who adovcate such anti-democratic actions should be ashamed. Why would anybody want to either volunteer for the Green party or join the Green party if this is a sign of how those around Lau are going to be treated? Lau should distance himself from individuals such as Mike Wright who has publicly attacked fellow Green party members.

  3. So this is what you meant Chris?

    It’s not individuals who decided that an unwelcome party crasher was unfit to be the party leader, it was democracy, and a majority vote. The nominators didn’t even all support their nominee with a vote. You can’t blame that on supporters of Victor.

    • Is it possible for you and other individuals around Lau to stop the personal attacks? You may not have liked Cross but continuing to state he was an unwelcome party crasher is utter non-sense in a democratic party. I am unaware of who established the group which determines who is unwelcome in the party and who is allowed in, care to inform the rest of us? Those around Lau such as yourself should grow up and show some class.

      • Here Here!
        These attacks don’t serve to strengthen the party, but weaken it. We don’t all have to agree, but we do need to work together to see the common goals, the principles of the GPS and the Green Party globally, pushed forward. We need to put ego in the back seat and realize that it’s not about WHO but about HOW. We need to be able to work together to see the Green message succeed.

      • “I am unaware of who established the group which determines who is unwelcome in the party and who is allowed in, care to inform the rest of us?”

        You keep talking about democracy, but are unaware of how it works. Those with the most votes decide, those who don’t get even the votes of his nominators can be accurately described as “unwelcome”. It’s not a personal attack to say so, it’s just a fact of democracy.

      • Not receiving the votes of one’s nominators when there are two other such strong candidates does not mean one is unwelcome. I assure you my vote was not a vote AGAINST anyone… but for those whom I felt could best fill the Leadership positions available.

      • “These attacks don’t serve to strengthen the party, but weaken it. ”
        “I hate politics.”
        “We are all in the same boat… and it appears to be taking on water.”
        “I cling to the ideal that we are better when we work together, and that we can accomplish anything.”
        “however, he is hardly a man behind which the Greens will unite.”
        “We don’t all have to agree, but we do need to work together to see the common goals,”

        You’re not even being consistent in your complaints. Do you really believe in working together for the greater good of the party’s ideals? Your words would have people questioning if change can be achieved through politics.

        Victor’s the leader for better or worse. I choose to think ‘better’, because he can’t do worse than our previous leader who defected, or one of the other leadership candidates who didn’t get enough votes to challenge a 4 year old’s counting skills. He also has a lot of political experience, and I’ve seen him working hard and very enthusiastic about the campaign we’re on the cusp of. He needs support, not doom-saying from elder party members.

        So, back to my original comment, please stop choosing to see the negative, and start heeding some of your words about working together and ceasing the public personal criticism you and your friend Chris hate so much in politics.

        I do agree that politics can’t be left to politicians, so don’t let politics get you down – embrace change; it’s what the Greens are about!

      • ” please stop choosing to see the negative”
        Point taken. I will go back to my old ways, of seeing both the positive and the negative – but choosing only to comment on the positive. 😉

      • Fair enough, it’s fine to see both, but as you say, comment on the positive instead.

  4. Since when have you been the President of Provincial Green Party?!

    • LMAO For a few years now Carson. I was appointed as the interim President back in Autumn of 2008, and have been reelected by the membership every term since. 🙂 It has been an honor serving the people of Saskatchewan.

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