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Tinsel Extensions

On Friday, the girlie and I had our very first mother/daughter salon day.  🙂  It was awesome.  I needed a trim (short hair styles need refreshers FAR more often than long hair) and the girlie had been begging to visit a “hair cutting place” for a while.  Having attended Marvel (a local asthetics school) years and years and years ago I always cut her hair myself.  But Chop Chop Salon does offer something I don’t:  a cool experience and some even cooler products.  So off the girl and I went.

We really did have a wonderful time.  It ended up being pricier than I’d expected…  but it was worth it for the excitement Lily-Ann felt, both leading up to the experience and during it.

Here she is showing off her purple tinsel extensions:

They’re hard to pick up on the camera, as they are so fine.  But they glitter and shine in the sun, and every little movement sets them sparkling.  Lily-Ann absolutely loves them!!!!  And I did too, until by the next day (today) only half of them remain.  😦

The things are billed to last around two weeks, and after hearing reports of them lasting multiple times that length I figured they’d definitely be a worthwhile treat.  But to get less than 24 hours out of them?  Decidedly uncool.  Hopefully the folks at Chop Chop will be able to do something for us, as clearly these just aren’t going to last in the girl’s hair – and she has been treating them carefully.  Heck, she didn’t have a bath, and we brushed her hair gently avoiding the tinsel… there is no way they should have slid out of her hair so quickly.  I’m still glad we got to enjoy our salon day together, but the tinsel hair extensions?  A total disappointment and waste.  😦

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