Daily Archives: October 8, 2011

I love having family around!

I come from a big family.  Lots of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and a ton of siblings too.  And there is little I love more than being surrounded by family.  Last night my Auntie Risa, my cousin Oshyn, and her son Khalid all arrived in Saskatoon.  The wee girlie was at my mom’s to greet them (it was her Friday night sleepover), and today Damon and I headed over there too.

I can’t believe how big Khalid has gotten.  Seriously.  LOL  Little ones age so quickly, and when you miss out on some of it as a long distance family member… it goes by like lightening.  He’s almost three already.  When I got to mom’s, he and the girl were out on the trampoline, having a fabulous time.  And as any good mom with an iPad would do, I ran in the house grabbed mine, and took a quick bit of video:


Hopefully it works all right.  LOL  I’ve never attempted a Me Gallery upload before.

Well…  I’m off to lay quietly in the dark next to my sleeping girlie.  She crashed while I was reading The Wind in the Willows (by Kenneth Grahame).  We’re on chapter 4, “Mr. Badger”.  The perfect way to end an absolutely delightful day.

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