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Celebrating Family on Thanksgiving Weekend

For me, celebrating with family is what the holidays are about…  and that is something that in and of itself should be celebrated.  We are so lucky and so blessed.  We have a large, diverse, gifted, beautiful, amazing family.  And I am truly thankful for each member of it.

Over the years, we’ve lost many members of our family but we’ve gained many too.  Our family shrinks, grows, changes…  it’s an unfinished tapestry of lives woven together in an amazing intricate pattern.  A pattern that has bound us together in love and in spirit.

Tonight, I’d like to remind you all to celebrate your family this weekend.  We’re all a little crazy, we’re all a little dysfunctional, but we are whole through the love that exists between us.  So whether you are family by choice, by blood, or by circumstance – celebrate those whom you consider family.  You are lucky (just as I am) to have them.

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Lily-Ann and Khalid…  Cousins, separated by a year and a half, and generally by hundreds of kilometers.  Family.

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