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Magic Paint and Body

It’s been a VERY long day.  A fact evidenced by my late night posting.  I’ve usually finished my post before ten pm… tonight I’m starting at 10:40.  In the end though, I’m too darn tired to recount all of the many hours of unpleasant adventures.  Instead, what I’ll leave you with is a positive discovery.

Whenever we find a really excellent local business, I always like to share.  A year or so ago I wrote a post raving about Super Donair, and I know I’ve mentioned The Two Twenty, and Collective Coffee.  Well, today I’m writing about Magic Paint and Body.

In the world of autobody shops and mechanics it’s easy to be taken for a ride.  There’s a lot of ill repute, folks who will take you for whatever they can, because they can.  But today we had the chance to deal with a husband and wife team that was clearly different – right from the start.  We were so thrilled with the service we received today that we will be back when the time comes.  As I’d mentioned earlier, it was a long, difficult day… but the folks at Magic Paint and Body were a definite bright spot.  And I am very thankful for their help.

Check out the Magic Paint and Body website at: http://www.magicpaintandbody.com/  And next time you need a little car help, stop by and see them.  They’re good folks, and run one of Saskatoon’s best local auto-body shops.  You won’t be disappointed.

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