Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Gerbil Bullying

All too often, bullying starts in the home.  It’s where kids learn their first behaviour patterns.  It’s where they learn those attitudes that are ingrained by the time they start school…  the attitudes that then come out in their interactions with their fellow students.

I was heartened to learn that there had been an anti-bullying assembly at my daughters school.  And further so that the pre-k class was invited to attend.  After the assembly, when back in their class, the teachers asked the kids if any of them could name one of the two types of bullying that had been talked about.  Lily-Ann was the only one who spoke up, proudly announcing “Gerbil Bullying”.  A little humour thrown into an otherwise very serious issue.  Obviously they’d discussed physical and VERBAL bullying, but her four year old ears heard gerbil.

If you ever take away anything from this blog, it’s this:  be careful what you say.

You never know who’s ears are listening, who is absorbing your hate (however well veiled).  When you speak, do so with kindness, and with the thought of improving the dysfunction present in our world.  Bullying is every persons responsibility.

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