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One out of three ain’t bad?

fortune cookie fortunes

Amidst the shop hopping I didn’t really feel like trying to put together a meal.  So before we hit the last store of the night, we stopped into Minh’s Garden (on faithful avenue, in the north industrial area).  Damon and I had been there a couple of times previously, and knew the kid would likely enjoy it too.  We’ve always had good service there, but with the kid in tow, it was exceptional.  Seriously, they absolutely doted on her.  It was fabulous.

We haven’t had fortune cookies in ages… it’s been so long in fact, that kid-kid wasn’t really even sure what to do with hers.  LOL  So we had to give a quick lesson in fortune cookie cracking, eating, and lore.

I used to remember they were always such fun, but I seem to have become a cookie humbug.  I tried to be all into them, and excited about what they had to say…  for the sake of the kid, but ya know?  I just wasn’t into it.  And seriously, one out of three?  There’s only one place where odds like that are considered awesome – and that’s in baseball.  Well, who knows.  Maybe Damon will go on a business trip (I think not), and maybe the kid will experience some change in her personal life (not without me), but yeah…  I’m one of those artsy fartsy, crafty types…  and I ALWAYS let my colours show.  LMAO

Had any memorable fortune cookie experiences?  I’d love to hear them.  🙂

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