Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Ready for whatever comes next!

After the roller coaster ride the last month and a half has been, I can honestly say I’m ready for whatever comes next.  And you know what?  I know it’s going to be awesome.  It’s only the first day of the new year, and it’s already been flooded with exciting new ideas and opportunities.  It really is going to be a year filled with love and joy.

And hey!  According to the doomsday prophecies, we have until May right?  May is in the back of my head for some reason, so I must have read somewhere that it was May.  LMAO  So that gives us five awesomely fabulous months – and gives me my 35th birthday too.  Jeepers.  Okay.  35?  Wow.  Yikes.  That’s one of those big numbers isn’t it.  Oh boy.  okay… right…  back with the love and joy and stuff…  eeeps.

So yay!  2012!  Happy New Year!  (35???)

I have to say though, it may only be day one.  But it’s been a bang up year so far.  😉

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