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A Farewell to Karen Pipke

Honestly, I wasn’t going to post about this…  Clearly I wasn’t going to post about this as I’ve already made my post for this evening…  But my word for the year is love…  and I’m determined to be true to myself and allow myself to feel things deeply and fully…  so to choose to NOT share goes against that.  So here it is:

I learned today that a fellow Havanese Fancier, Karen Pipke, has passed away.  Karen and I go back quite a ways together.  I remember helping her out when she was first getting started in the breed.  She’d had Shelties for a number of years, but was just getting started in Havanese.  Sylvia and I made several trips out to her place (one province over) to talk dogs, and help her evaluate puppies.  Karen and I were actually talking about possibly co-owning a pup this year…  As my only Neezer is now into her double digits, and I miss showing them.  They are SOOO easy in the ring compared to Chihuahuas.  The idea that she’s gone feels like someone has played some cruel joke.  I’m just waiting for someone to yell “Ha ha!  I gotcha!”  It’s just too surreal.

I’ve always enjoyed Karen’s company at the many dog shows we attended.  Whether we went together or just happened to run into one another, we always had a good time.  I will miss her company.

My love and condolences to Karen’s family and closest friends.  She will be well remembered, now and always.  I know she has reunited with many companions at the Rainbow Bridge, and I will see her again when I make that journey.

Journal your Journey

Starting this month I’ll be hosting a challenge at the Plum…  Okay, yes, I know.  I host challenges there every month as part of my duties as a member of their Creative Team.  But this challenge is something new and different.  For the next year, I’ll be hosting a monthly challenge that is all about journaling your journey.

I’ve wanted to scrap about myself for quite some time, but honestly?  I just never do it.  I really would like to create something that is about who I am, and what’s important to me…  something I can eventually give Lily-Ann.  Sure, she’ll have all my writing (yes, there’s a lot of it) but I want something that is uniquely personal.  And I know, in spite of the fact that this is something I really want to do, I know I’m likely to just keep putting it off.

Hosting this challenge is going to be the perfect way to ensure I actually take up the challenge myself.  So each month I’ll come up with a topic, and maybe a word art, template, photo mat, or some other goody to go along with it…  and we’ll all create something special.  Come the end of the year, each of us will have twelve layouts all about who we are and whats important to us.  It should be pretty cool.

So hop on over to the Plum and join me in the challenge forum here: http://www.polkadotplum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=219  Should be an interesting ride!

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